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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Wyoming energy development emissions prompts unprecedented rural ozone health alert (2/28/08)
Six year study finds extensive anthropogenic contamination in US National Parks, attributed to atmospheric deposition (2/28/08)
National Park study also finds fish with mercury levels exceeding human consumption guidelines as well as intersex trout in 5 RMNP lakes (2/28/08)
city of Boulder reaffirms support for trail to Lyons along Boulder Creek Feeder Canal (2/27/08)
Substantial snowpack and its accompanying problems lead to a halt in cloud seeding (2/27/08)
Boulder weighs options to restore water to South Boulder's Thunderbird Lake (2/26/08)
Prarie Waters project prompts Aurora water district to raise rates another 12% (2/26/08)
USBR to repeat simulated spring flood from Glen Canyon Dam hoping to restore Grand Canyon ecology (2/26/08)
CU research finds massive increase in wind blown dust due to US western expansion has moderated but is increasingly contaminated (2/25/08)
Leadville mayor complains mine drainage tunnel "emergency" staged with little public input (2/24/08)
Stone and glass flood depth marker proposed as memorial to flood plain expert Gilbert White (2/24/08)
Feeding ethanol distillation byproducts to livestock raises questions of ecoli contamination (2/23/08)
CO House Bill 1161, increasing regulation of in-situ uranium mining advances to Appropriations Committee (2/22/08)
CO House Bill 1141, tying new development approval to proven water supplies advances to floor (2/20/08)
Leadville mine drainage tunnel collapse also threatens prized and recovering Arkansas River fishery (2/19/08)
Longmont to consider bonding for $10 million in stormwater drainage capital projects (2/19/08)
Supreme court allows Montana's lawsuit against Wyoming over Powder and Tongue River water rights (2/19/08)
CSU study ties endocrine disruptors to changes in male fertility in a range of species, including human (2/18/08)
Fate of Big Thompson Canyon land parcels procured by Larimer County following 1976 flood remains uncertain (2/18/08)
HR-1330, a proposal to elect water conservancy boards, unlikely to survive power water interests (2/18/08)
Several studies find chemicals in wastewater discharge altering marine biology along California coast (2/17/08)
Carter Lake mecury adisories prompt plan to test downstream lakes (2/17/08)
State and Federal agencies plan $5 million effort to relieve drainage tunnel threat (2/16/08)
USBR study finds Pueble reservoir pipeline will double Colorado Springs area water rates (2/15/08)
Fort Lupton city council confirms $36 million NISP obligation would not require a public vote (2/15/08)
Lake County says Arkansas River threatened by a billion gallons of contaminated water in plugged USBR mine drainage tunnel (2/14/08)
Denver Water billing error results in $1.5 million in over charges to 35,000 suburban residential customers (2/14/08)
Larimer County review of proposed uranium mining inconclusive due to lack of specific details (2/14/08)
Impact of monthly water budgets on seasonal businesses prompt review of new COB water rate structure (2/13/08)
New water supply research warns Lake Mead may be drained within 15 years (2/13/08)
EPA orders CDPHE to review a gas compressor permit granted independent of the wells is serves (2/13/08)
Meads's new wastewater treatment plant to triple capacity anticipating residential growth (2/12/08)
Aurora raises water rates another 12% to pay for Prarie Waters project (2/12/08)
Court rules for OSMP trail route through box culvert under CO 93 (2/12/08)
USFWS and COGCC issue 80 citations over polluted and unprotected oil well wastewater pits in northeastern Colorado (2/11/08)
USBR begins fourfold increase in water discharges from the San Juan River's Navajo Reservoir (2/11/08)
CSU's Water Resources Archive to maintain documents of prominent northern colorado "water buffalo" W.D. Farr (2/10/08)
CO WQCC expected to add Poudre, Big Thompson and several northern Colorado reservoirs to list of impaired waters (2/9/08)
Longmont eyes open space buffers as rapid Weld County growth encroaches (2/9/08)
Break in major water main disrupts traffic on I25 though central Denver (2/8/08)
Local residents tire of ongoing construction on Erie's new Boulder Creek water supply pipeline and pumpstation (2/8/08)
CWCB to hold workshop Feb. 13th on protecting streams and lakes through instream water rights (2/7/08)
St Vrain snowpack remains below the 30 year average at 88%, relecting the average snowpack (101%) level in the overall South Platte basin (2/7/08)
HR-1141, legislation to require new development to prove an adequate water supply is derailed by opposition (2/7/08)
City of Boulder water usage drops 4.7% during 2007 (2/7/08)
Historic preservation becomes an issue in Greeley's planned 30 mi water pipeline along Poudre River (2/7/08)
Colorado statewide snowpack accumlation best in a decade at 134% of 30 yr average statewide (2/6/08)
Several bills introduced in the Colorado legislature to address South Platte groundwater irrigation issue (2/6/08)
Denver legislator introduces Bill to legalize limited residential rainwater collection (2/6/08)
Whether "smart" or "dumb", continuing growth fundamentally unsustainable (2/3/08)
Forest Service reexamination of Boulder's Silver Lake pipeline easement questioned (2/3/08)
LTER posts January 31, 2008 Snowpack report for Niwot Ridget (2/2/08)
Research concludes western water supply impacts largly result of human activities (2/1/08)
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