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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

CU participates in Focus Focus the Nation national climate change teach-in with numerous lectures and events (1/31/08)
Protection and enhancement of Colorado's instream flow water rights program target of several legislative proposals (1/31/08)
CSU agriculture professor warns of water quality issues arising from climate change (1/31/08)
CSU participates in Focus Focus the Nation national climate change teach-in with numerous lectures and events (1/30/08)
UN General Secretary urges World Economic Forum to move sage water scarcity issues to the top of economic agenda (1/30/08)
INSTARR study finds Canada's Baffin Island icecap melting unprecedented in 1600 years (1/29/08)
Presidential candidates yet to respond to major western issues (1/29/08)
Climate change may render many habitat protection efforts moot (1/29/08)
CO levies $8000 fine for uncontrolled construction stormwater runoff in Pitkin County (1/29/08)
Sierra Club sues for federal penalties against Colorado Springs over undisputed sewage discharges (1/29/08)
Erie residents to vote again on water supply flouridation (1/26/08)
USGS reports trend towards earlier spring snowmelt season across Colorado (1/25/08)
CO DNR Director warns urban growth and energy development may dominate Colorado water resources (1/24/08)
Energy task force to present Sustainable Energy Plan to Boulder County commissioners (1/24/08)
Surge in uranium mining on public lands includes 10,000 claims in Western Colorado (1/24/08)
Impact of windblown dust on snowpack meltoff to receive systematic study (1/22/08)
EPA estimates cost to update Colorado wastewater infrastucture at $2.2 billion (1/18/08)
New view of natural channel geomorphology arises from review of historic accounts (1/18/08)
Invasive Zebra Mussel detected in Lake Pueblo (1/18/08)
Northern Colorado legislators introduce two bills to regulate uranium mining water quality impacts (1/17/08)
Denver officials announce completion of 5 year effort to remove radium contaminated soil from under Denver streets (1/17/08)
Four fast growing Weld County communities join Denver Rgional Council of Governments (1/17/08)
Ballot initiative tying growth to water planning proposed by Ft. Collins pair (1/16/08)
Massive Mountain Pine Beetle infestation may impact Front Range water supplies (1/15/08)
Despite relatively healthy snowpack state wide, climate experts stick to dry winter outlook (1/14/08)
Dam safety workshop considers Boulder County dams relatively secure (1/13/08)
CU Researchers find changes in artic sea ice characteristics likely to lead to faster summer melt out (1/11/08)
Boulder County budgets 275,000 for multi-agency forest thinning projects (1/11/08)
Greely water pipeline development prompts Larimer County to reconsider adopting HR-1041 authority (1/11/08)
BLM to hold Colorado public hearings on Energy Corridor Draft PEIS in Grand Junction and Denver (1/11/08)
EPA orders restoration of Rock Creek and Lafayette open space wetlands from unauthorized excavation work (1/10/08)
City of Denver sued by parents of child swept away in pedestrian underpass flooding (1/10/08)
CU Dam safety workshop issues call for increased funding for dam inspection and remediation (1/10/08)
Boulder County commissioners approve adoption of BuildSmart green building codes (1/09/08)
CU confident of completing Homeland Security mandated inventory of "chemicals of interest (1/07/08)
Impact of oil shale development on Colorado water resources shrouded in secrecy and uncertainty (1/06/08)
The LTER December, 2007 Niwot Ridge snowpack is report now available (1/04/08)
Southern mountain snowpack well above average while northern mountains remain slightly below average (1/04/08)
Colorado Environmental Coalition releases legislative priorities including tax incentives for in stream flow contributions (1/04/08)
Gunnison House Rep prepares bill to toughen water supply requirements for new development (1/04/08)
Renewed water fowl deaths at Front Range wastewater treatment plants remains unexplained (1/04/08)
High county avalanche danger deemed considerable following snowy December (1/03/08)
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