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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Water for projected Front Range population growth raises concern on Western Slope (12/30/07)
Colorado's strategy on federal roadless land management may result in less protection (12/27/07)
Wyoming moves to license and regulate cloud seeding programs (12/27/07)
South Metro water districts raise fees to fund future migration away from unsustainable groundwater supplies (12/27/07)
Experimental DOW breeding program may rebuild rainbow trout populations with whirling disease resistant strains (12/25/07)
Cold snap results in water main breaks in both Loveland and Fort Collins (12/25/07)
Hormone disrupting plastic component leading some equipment suppliers to reconsider polycarbonate water bottles (12/23/07)
Future capacity expansion and annexation requests complicate land use planning adjacent to Longmont's Union Reservoir (12/23/07)
Despite increases in snowpack too early to rule out 08 drought (12/23/07)
City of Boulder releases water usage and revenue report for Jan-Oct 2007 (12/19/07)
Tightening water supplies prompt enforcement of the limitations on domestic well permits (12/19/07)
CU & CSU researchers find magnesium chloride de-icer extensively damages roadside vegetation (12/18/07)
Boulder prepares to post warning signs in flood prone greenways underpasses (12/17/07)
Water Court rules confirms state engineer's authority over junior water rights in the South Platte River basin (12/17/07)
Climate accord reached in Bali after US delegation fends off binding committments (12/16/07)
Ten western slope mayors protest energy trade group's Roan Plateau drilling claims (12/15/07)
Increasing water claims prompts Colorado to review Water Court system (12/15/07)
Wyoming CBM data review discovers 8-39% of wells wasting water without producing gas (12/14/07)
Interior Secretary signature finalizes Colorado River Drought Management plan (12/14/07)
CSU study finds Front Range primary source of increased RMNP atmospheric nitrogen deposition (12/13/07)
US delegation rejection of specific targets obstructing progress at Climate Summit (12/13/07)
Further water and sewer rate increased proposed to Broomfield City Council (12/13/07)
Colorado seeks approval from Arkansas River Compact to store more water in John Martin Reservoir for agriculture and habitat (12/13/07)
Despite years of no effect USGS/USBR taskforce plans further releases from Lake Powell to restore Grand Canyon habitat (12/13/07)
City of Lafayette buys land parcel for future drinking water treatment plant (12/12/07)
Despite new river agreement Colorado water managers begin planning for possible "call" on the Colorado River (12/12/07)
Audubon seeks "Urban River Corridor Important Bird Area" status for Poudre River east of Ft Collins (12/12/07)
RMNP elk management plan calls for culling up to 200 per year with sharpshooters (12/12/07)
Nonprofit group to begin Pikes Peak erosion control project with lawsuit settlement funds (12/12/07)
RMN Four day series highlights complexity of Colorado's energy boom (12/12/07)
Lyon's voters overwhelmingly reject poorly defined land swap (12/12/07)
Boulder County's house size restriction proposal protested at public hearing (12/10/07)
Interior secretary expected to sign off on Colorado River drought management plan (12/09/07)
Erie road collapse recalls subsidence legacy of Boulder County's mining past (12/09/07)
Federal judge rules decision denying sage grouse ESA protection tainted by political appointee (12/05/07)
GOCO disburses $57 million in lottery funds for conservation with a focus on river corridors (12/04/07)
Attempt to save pet from frozen pond results in drowning (12/03/07)
Comprehensive study finds Boulder's water supply relatively prepared for all but the worst climate change scenarios (12/02/07)
Appointments to state water regulatory bodies reflect new perspectives on water priorities (12/01/07)
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