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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Denver Water Board agrees to forfeit some Eagle River water rights to preserve Wolcott reservoir site (11/30/07)
12 states sue EPA to restore chemical reporting requirements to the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) (11/29/07)
Changes to the Colorado Water Conservation Board expected to improve the standing of recreational water rights claims (11/29/07)
Homeland Security Department mandates CU secure inventory of "chemicals of interest" (11/28/07)
Fish & Wildlife services will review several politically tainted ESA decisions (11/28/07)
Denver Water Board approves an average 7% increase in tap fees (11/28/07)
Shortage unlikely to impact fluoridation of Boulder's municipal water supply (11/28/07)
NOAA study finds '02 drought reduced natural atmospheric carbon sequestration (11/27/07)
Current snowpack deficient and dry winter predictions raise '08 water supply concern (11/27/07)
Erie trustees to consider water supply floridation measure for spring ballot (11/27/07)
Implementation of actions dictated by 2002 drought spotty (11/27/07)
Yampa River likely to see greater state regulation as water demand grows (11/24/07)
Louisville agrees to supply up to 75 acre feet of tap water to Eldorado Springs company for bottled water sales (11/21/07)
Parks & Open Space fall initiative removes 1000 invasive Russian Olives from Boulder County riparian areas (11/20/07)
CDOT removes over 13 tons of traction sand from I70 riparian areas above Vail (11/19/07)
Climate forecasters project dryer than normal winter for Colorado due to La Niña conditions (11/19/07)
UN panel issues report warning of irreversible impacts from climate change (11/18/07)
Front Range water utilities study the physical and legal implications of rainwater harvesting (11/15/07)
DOE energy corridors proposal raise local and environmental concerns across western US (11/15/07)
CU construction vehicle leaks diesel fuel into Boulder Creek (11/15/07)
Boulder County adopts new South Boulder Creek flood plain map pending FEMA review (11/14/07)
North Boulder residents raise concerns about short notice given for plan to spray park with the herbicide Plateau (11/13/07)
Congress passes massive water resources funding bill in first Bush veto override, including funds for Colorado water projects (11/09/07)
Western Resource Advocates report finds Front Range water districts conservation efforts largly effective (11/09/07)
NOAA unrolls new drought information web site (11/09/07)
US Bureau of Reclamation Colorado River drought management plan EIS concludes sufficient to avoid renegotiating the 1922 River Compact (11/07/07)
Preble's jumping mouse to remain protected along Front Range (11/02/07)
Denver opens air quality season with high pollution day (11/02/07)
Unexpected toxic discovery on adjacent waste site closes Rocky Mountain Arsenal wildlife refuge (11/02/07)
Diverse interests close to agreement on Durango kayaking park (11/02/07)
Pipeline developer offers southeast Wyoming access to Green River water (11/01/07)
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