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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

South Platte ag wells to remain idle pending winter hearing (10/30/07)
Larimer County to hold public hearings regarding proposed stormwater regulations (10/30/07)
CO spring water supply promising due in part to luck and customer restraint (10/29/07)
EPA to require plan to address Front Range summer ozone levels (10/29/07)
CO Legislator seeks limits on new water right claims, citing over appropriated Colorado River (10/21/07)
Water managers collobotate to reverse Grand Lake deterioration (10/20/07)
Complex South Platte ag well ruling may allow pumping to resume (10/20/07)
Construction flaws prompt Forest Service to seek revision of Lakewood pipeline easement agreement (10/16/07)
Boulder County explores extending mosquito control efforts into Weld County (10/16/07)
Eldorado Springs water company proposes bottling up to 75 acre feet per year of Louisville tap water (10/16/07)
Renovation of aging Fort Collins sewage treatment plant becomes critical due to 2005 incident with unknown contaminant (10/16/07)
Estes Park approves multiple water rate increases to fund treatment plant upgrades (10/16/07)
Longmont mandates tree removals to fight ips bettle infestationinfestation (10/15/07)
Larimer County enlist Climate Wise to reverse increasing CO2 emissions (10/15/07)
Front Range communities begin to approve grey water recycling systems (10/15/07)
Persistent water shortages yeilds lasting conservation along Front Range (10/13/07)
Colorado Environment water quality report finds much improvement, but widespread discharge permit violations continue (10/11/07)
Anticipated surge in corn based ethanol production raises water quality concerns (10/11/07)
Citizen petition overturns Longmont's approval of LifeBridge annexation (10/11/07)
Boulder County Health holds open house to present proposed SepticSmart program (10/4/07)
Colorado Conservation Trust report finds recent land preservation outpaced development (10/3/07)
Five workers killed in hydroelectric plant penstock during maintenance accident near Georgetown, CO (10/3/07)
State survey finds acreage of prarie dog colonies increased at least 25% over last 5 years (10/3/07)
Accidents involving biohazards increasing as more labs authorized for research (10/3/07)
Opponents to NCWCD Glade Park Reservoir proposal to host public presentation (10/2/07)
Fort Collins drinking water utility receives Environmental Leadership award (10/2/07)
Weld County urged to direct new urban development to existing municipal areas (10/2/07)
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