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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Greeley encounters opposition to water pipeline through LaPorte (09/29/07)
Exact cause of toxic blue green algae blooms along the Klamath River unknown (9/28/07)
County Parks & Open Space ADvisory committee expected to endorse several major aquisitions (9/28/07)
Front Range and Western slope water managers meet to discuss Yampa River proposal (9/27/07)
Denver Water approves a range of rate hikes (9/27/07)
South Metro Water Supply Authority master plan projects $1 billion to replace nonsustainable groundwater supply (9/26/07)
CU study finds link between nutrient runoff and frog deformities (9/25/07)
Fort Collins proposes $31 million wastewater fee increase to refurbush 61 year old Mulberry St. treatment plant (9/23/07)
Gravel pit conversion to reservoir provides 6400 af of new water storage for Highlands Ranch (9/22/07)
CU NSIDC researchers find annual artic sea ice retreat largest in 30 years of observation (9/20/07)
DOE Study concludes drilling adjacent to '69 Rulison nuclear site safe despite persisent radioactive contamination (9/20/07)
Wilderness Society warns of accelerating CO federal oil and gas development (9/18/07)
Carter Lake drawn down for construction of new outlet works (9/18/07)
South Boulder's Thunderbird Lake neighbors and Parks and Recs debate lake's management approach (9/17/07)
Environment Colorado points to WQCC understaffing in 8 year decline in CO lake and stream water quality (9/14/07)
University of Denver water supply study releases recommendations urging greater cooperation (9/14/07)
Boulder water utility attributes significant drop in demand to new billing system (9/14/07)
Steamboat Springs recovers from 2 day water supply interruption (9/14/07)
Break in 16" Aurora waterwater main contaminates Piney Creek (9/12/07)
Denver Water contemplates rate increase and Gross Reservoir expansion (9/12/07)
Boulder County receives federal fire mitigation funds for 5 foothills fuel reduction projects (9/05/07)
CU researchers discover state greenback cutthroat trout recovery effort using wrong species (9/05/07)
Federal judge upholds Nevada's denial of water for Yucca Mountain assessment (9/05/07)
Boulder Community Foundation's semi-annual indicator to be released Thursday (9/05/07)
Source of cryptosporidiosis outbreak across Colorado remains unknown (9/04/07)
Proposed 5.5 million gallon water tank on JeffCo open space to support Arvada development controversial (9/04/07)
Boulder Open Space purchase of 573 acre Hogan ranch in Jefferson County nears completion (9/03/07)
Fort Collins approves $20 Million flood control project (9/03/07)
Aurora addition to water supply resource raises concern for Arkansas River basin farms (9/02/07)
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