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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Boulder County sampling continues to find West Nile virus infected mosquitoes (8/31/07)
State extends ozone monitoring in the response to late season spikes (8/31/07)
County unveils improved fishing and hiking amenities at Lagerman Reservoir (8/31/07)
Lafayette homeowner sues city for full cost of sewage backup (8/31/07)
CU draft master plan revels no current development plans for controversial south campus (8/29/07)
Golden displeased with Broomfeild's support for northwest parkway beltway plan (8/29/07)
USNWS agrees to reconsidered endangered species status of Gunnison Prarie Dog (8/29/07)
Ongoing Boulder Creek study connecting fish gender anomalies to birth control hormones (8/29/07)
Dept. of Agriculture study finds increasing atmospheric CO2 converting prarie grasses to woody shrubs (8/28/07)
Ozone surge catches CDPHE off guard (8/28/07)
South Platte task force deadline looms with few solutions likely (8/28/07)
Aurora expected to reconsider top tier residential water rate increases (8/27/07)
Dismissal of longtime Boulder Reservoir manager proves controversial (8/26/07)
EPA halts Vermillion Basin drilling plan pending air quality impact assessment (8/25/07)
CDC ranks Boulder County 3nd in number of confirmed 2007 West Nile Virus cases (8/25/07)
Water main break closes Arapahoe Avenue while volunteers rush to protect local homes (8/25/07)
NCWCD and legislators eye Yampa River to feed Front Range water supply (8/22/07)
CBM water production inpact on water quality calls for interstate regulatory approach (8/22/07)
Federal Court threatens USFS chief over environmental assessment of fire retardent (8/21/07)
Denver Aquarium owners now insist alleged satwater leak merely faulty internal water accounting (8/21/07)
Aurora water customers absorb first of three 12% rate increases to fund Prairie Water project (8/21/07)
Denver Water approved to execute controlled burns for watershed protection (8/18/07)
CO Air Quality Control Commission adopts volutary nitrogen emmission limits to protect RMNP (8/17/07)
Longmont death marks Boulder County first 2007 West Nile Virus fatality (8/16/07)
CO DNR signals Oil & Gas development to face closer environmental scrutiny (8/16/07)
Loveland reservoir site search expands eastward (8/16/07)
Prominent Northern Colorado "Water Buffalo" W.D. Farr dies at age 97 (8/14/07)
Using CBM water for residential development in Larimer County poses legal challenges (8/13/07)
Aurora invests heavily in technology to wring multiple uses out of transmountain water transfers (8/13/07)
Regulators slow to act as ranchers deal with the mixed blessing of CBM water discharges (8/12/07)
Boulder County growth moderates as cities approach buildout (8/12/07)
Two Colorado fatatlities mark first 2007 deaths from West Nile virus (8/11/07)
CDPHE considers fines for ongoing unpermitted and unmonitored saltwater leak from former Ocean Journey aquarium (8/10/07)
Permethrin-based mosquito control spraying a concern to beekeepers (8/10/07)
Constuction project detention pond raises West Nile Virus concerns in North Boulder (8/9/07)
Colorado River water rights holders negotiate temporary agreement to maintain flow for recreation and downstream users (8/9/07)
Longmont declines to support new open space taxing district until other Weld County players weigh in. (8/9/07)
Dry July exacerbates Front Range 2007 precipitation deficit (8/8/07)
Colorado's roadless petition advances, just in case Bush USFS rules prevail (8/8/07)
Recent rains reduce wildfire danger to moderate, Larimer and Boulder county fire restrictions lifted (8/8/07)
Eleven new West Nile virus cases reported in eastern Colorado (8/8/07)
Denver Water joins the EPA's Watersense Program to promote conservation (8/7/07)
Both supporters and critics await NCWCD NISP project EIS from Army Corp of Engineers (8/7/07)
Denver water conservation efforts receives recognition from the EPA (8/6/07)
Five commerical rafting fatalities on the Arkansas River raises questions about client screening criteria (8/5/07)
Carter Lake water treatment plant partially recovered from chemical explosion (8/5/07)
Fort Collins stormwater infrastucture helps to reduce runoff peak flow and contaminate load. (8/5/07)
Interior agrees to delay Roan Plateau energy development for state review (8/4/07)
Review of government data finds poor performance on western mine reclamation (8/3/07)
Longmont continues to lead growing Boulder County West Nile virues toll (8/3/07)
Heavy rain prompts evacuations and street flooding in Fort Collins (8/3/07)
Metro Regional Air Quality Council begins to focus on ozone reduction measures (8/3/07)
Scientific panel links Bisphenol A, a widely used chemical compound, to several reproductive disorders (8/3/07)
Boulder Public Works assures public that the crack in Central Park diversion structure is no hazard (8/3/07)
Town of Mead files an appeal over Weld County approval of overlapping sewer district (8/3/07)
Federal funds may provide $10 million for Boulder water supply pipeline (8/2/07)
Exploratory drilling approved for proposed Weld County in-situ uranium mine (8/2/07)
Researcher downplays pine bettle infestation empact on wild fire risks (8/2/07)
Alleged political interference in enforcement of Endangered Species Act examined (8/2/07)
Larimer County spraying impact measured at 43% reduction in culex mosquito populations (8/2/07)
Longmont leads Boulder County's West Nile Virus cases, with 4 of the 5 current victims (8/1/07)
Boulder water supply pipeline proposal encounters obstacles (8/1/07)
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