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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Colorado River Compact states agree to a drought management framework (8/29/05)
Drastic declines in farm acreage anticipated in the face of growing Front Range water demand (8/27/05)
Though formed to sustain agriculture NCWCD mission shifts to supporting population growth (8/27/05)
Boulder planning board rejects proposed annexation for large retail outlet (8/26/05)
Boulder County investigating suspected hydrogen sulfide emissions from Gaynor Lake (8/26/05)
Boulder County reports first case of West Nile Virus in 2005 (8/26/05)
Jefferson County considers hydraulic testing requirements for new mountain building permits to protect existing wells (8/25/05)
State warns of continuing West Nile risk with increasing mosquito populati ons (8/22/05)
Municipalities and county governments at odds over development policies in fast growing Weld County (8/21/05)
Xcel appeal of pending Boulder County gas compressor decision appears premature (8/21/05)
First basin water planning roundtable convenes with some skepticism (8/19/05)
Boulder County open space may be next Boulder County Commissioners lift outdoor fire ban (8/19/05)
CU researchers find previously unknown biological activity below alpine snowpack (8/17/05)
Boulder City Council rejects Valmont Butte development plan (8/17/05)
Forest Service proposes access fees for Left Hand Canyon off road use (8/17/05)
Weld County residents resist potential doubling of oil well density (8/16/05)
Boulder to hold public meeting on city development of Valmont Butte (8/15/05)
Valmont closed between 28th & 30th by water main failure (8/12/05)
75 miles of the Platte River in central Nebraska have dried up (8/12/05)
Pueblo struggles with high bacterial levels in Fountain Creek and Colorado Springs raw wasterwater discharges. (8/11/05)
Denver Water considers 8% water rate increase in response to 12% conservation motivated decrease in usage (8/11/05)
Longmont city council to consider new regulations as overall water usage sets new record (8/10/05)
CU researcher discovers water can reanimate long dormant microbes (8/9/05)
Summit County judge overturns local cyanide heap-leach mining ban (8/8/05)
Recreational stream access issue may be headed for state referendum (8/8/05)
EPA urged to adopt stricter Colorado drinking water standard for radioactive contaminants (8/4/05)
Boulder City Council questions proposed sludge composting at Valmont Butte (8/3/05)
Illegal fireworks implicated in early morning Rabbit Mountain wildfire (7/31/05)
Reuse of non-potable wastewater for outdoor irrigation considered to stretch limited supplies (7/30/05)
Boulder Planning Board rejects municipal developments on Valmount Butte (7/30/05)
City of Boulder may sue irrigation district for trail right of way (7/30/05)
Energy Bill will exempt oil and gas drilling from water quality protections and speed Colorado drilling permits (7/29/05)
Federal official urges water conservation over litigation while State official warns population growth will threaten water quality (7/27/05)
Erie receives DOW grant to promote fishing at Thomas Reservoir (7/27/05)
State demographer expects Colorado high country population to double by 2030 (7/26/05)
Heavy rains bring flooding and mudslides to Jamestown (7/26/05)
Environmental coalition proposes solution to Colorado River drought management (7/25/05)
City of Boulder role in the fate of Silver Lake ditch issue has a long history (7/24/05)
Heil Ranch reopened following fire mop up operations (7/21/05)
CDC releases third report on American exposure to chemicals in the environment (7/21/05)
Boulder County Commisioners enact fire ban for western Boulder County and Heil Ranch remains closed for fire mop up operations (7/19/05)
State Water Conservation Board to distribute grants for conservation programs (7/19/05)
EPA report reasserts concern over Colorado water protection staffing levels (7/18/05)
Several lightning started wildfires in Boulder County quickly contained (7/18/05)
Open house scheduled on 7/20/05 for 4 Mile Canyon Flood Plain mapping project (7/15/05)
Fat head minnows recruited to control West Nile Virus carrying mosquito larvea (7/15/05)
Local group offers free lawn sprinkler audits (7/15/05)
Hazardeous material spill briefly closes Arapahoe and Marine streets (7/14/05)
Front Range and Western slope water interests begin long term discussions (7/14/05)
Conservation group consortium study concludes conservation key to Front Range water supply future (7/11/05)
Quarter acre fire on Flagstaff quickly contained (7/11/05)
Summary of current Colorado Wildfires (7/11/05)
Volunteers target exotic Euroasian Watermilfoil in East Campus pond (7/10/05)
Climate expert warns climate change will impact western water resources (7/09/05)
Oil and Gas producers sue to avoid state stormwater runoff discharge permit requirement (7/06/05)

Rocky Mtn News survey of water use in 10 Colorado cities finds: (7/05/05)
  • significant conservation efforts wide spread,
  • reduced demand has forced rate increases
  • system leakage rates vary widely

    While Boulder's city council reviews Silver Lake Ditch policy remaining shareholders tabluate community benefits (7/05/05)
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