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CRWCD proposes pool of water rights senior to 1922 Colorado River Compact as insurance against a call by downstream states (8/31/08)
Weld County warns of late season resurgence of West Nile Virus infections (8/29/08)
Cemtex reversal insures Mead subdivision will get landscape irrigation system (8/29/08)
Heavy haze along Front Range attributed to Northwestern Colorado wildfires (8/28/08)
Convention inspired overflight highlights Northern Colorado role in US energy future (8/28/08)
USBR has released a draft EIS for the NCWCD Windy Gap Firming project including the proposed Chimmny Park Reservoir (8/28/08)
Home builder Cemtex to abandon Mead's Liberty Ranch subdivision without addressing irrigation needs (8/27/08)
Larimer County commissioners postpone a formal position on NISP's rerouting of Highway 287 pending review of alternative routes (8/26/08)
Potentially toxic late summer algae blooms prompt water agencies to monitor Grand County reservoirs, source of CB-T water (8/25/08)
CoDNR director Harris sees an era of tradeoffs in Colorado's water future (8/25/08)
Sierra Club director encourages long term opposition to NISP plans (8/25/08)
Report details close ties between oil industry and US Interior department regulators (8/24/08)
CO Senate candidates Udal and Schaffer spar over water policy (8/23/08)
CU invites the public to a two day climate change symposium Aug 22 & 23, 2008 (8/22/08)
Organic matter in heavy runoff suspected in the death of 200 fish in Loveland pond (8/20/08)
Climate research consortium calls for $9 billion in new funding (8/20/08)
Federal court rejects EPA limits on state mandated air quality monitoring (8/20/08)
State Oil & Gas Conservation Commission endorses new drilling chemical inventory and drinking water supply buffer rules (8/20/08)
Proposed cuts at the US Bureau of Reclamation raises concern over environmental reviews and dam safety monitoring (8/19/08)
Effort to bolster Clean Water Act and restart stalled EPA discharge regulation stalled in Congress (8/18/08)
Evans convenience store employees dump 400 gallons of diesel fuel into storm drain leading to the South Platte (8/18/08)
Longmont powdered lime leftover from sugar beet processing tapped to nuetralize Arkansas River acid mine waste (8/17/08)
McCain's call for renegotiating Colorado River Compact rejected by Colorado pols (8/16/08)
Low pressure brings flood watches, snow, and a welcome >3" rain to Colorado Front Range (8/16/08)
Boulder water use up 1% but 2008 supplies appear adequate despite dry summer (8/15/08)
EPA sued for failing to override state on Lyon's CEMEX cement plant air pollution permit (8/15/08)
Supreme Court to rule on EPA use of cost/benefit analysis to weaken power plant cooling water technology standards (8/15/08)
Despite protests from Colorado's governor and several congressional members BLM set to auction energy leases on >55,000 acres of the Roan Plateau today (8/14/08)
Volunteers from CU's CIRES and NPS researchers collect hundreds of water samples around Rocky Mountain Park for one day snapshot of water quality (8/13/08)
Boulder County develops plan to identify and mitigate a range of potential natural hazards (8/12/08)
Bush adminstration ESA overhaul would eliminate 3 decades of independent scientific review (8/12/08)
New management plan for Boulder Reservoir may consider motor boat ban (8/11/08)
Half way through wildfire season US Forest Service fire fighting budget exhasted (8/11/08)
Non-motorized boating on Longmont's McCall Lake may hinge on cost of safety measures (8/11/08)
Twenty year study of NCAR sattelite data ties flood inducing rainfall events to climate change (8/08/08)
NCAR Center for Capacity Building climate impacts program terminated by budget cuts (8/07/08)
CO Water Quality Control Division delays ruling on Glade Park Reservoir water quality impacts (8/06/08)
Thousand cankers disease prompts Boulder to target 400 additional walnut trees for immediate removal (8/06/08)
Heavy spring runoff restores half of Lake Powell's deficit from 8 comparatively dry years (8/05/08)
Low water levels closes Lake Loveland to swimming (8/05/08)
CO Water Quality Control Division releases Survey of Public Opinion on Water Quality (8/05/08)
Great Sand Dunes National Park establishment complete with court approval of new water right decree (8/05/08)
Metro area sets new record for consecutive days over 90°F; and is headed for record low precipation (8/04/08)
Reduction in West Nile Virus cases attributed to the impact of hot dry weather on Culex mosquito populations (8/01/08)
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