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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Keep it Clean Partnership provides water quality protection training to Longmont teachers (7/31/08)
Eight local facitilites receive "Perfect Compliance" awards from the city of Boulder WQES for pretreatment of industrial wastewater (7/30/08)
USDA plans to terminate only public source of agricultural chemical usage (7/30/08)
Nederland triples water rates to address long term operating deficit (7/28/08)
Winter snowpack carrying Boulder County agriculture through dry spring and summer (7/27/08)
Boulder County leads state's West Nile virus cases with three new cases (7/25/08)
Longmont city council overrides staff on sewage sludge contractor selection (7/24/08)
Warming of cold water fisheries srhinking trout habitat thoughout western US (7/23/08)
Fires and open burning to be banned throughout unincorporated Boulder County beginning Friday (7/23/08)
NCAR testing advanced flash flood warning system to provide 20-60 minute warning (7/22/08)
Denver Water to hold public meetings on proposed Gross Reservoir expansion (July 29th in Boulder) (7/22/08)
NIST director pledges to improve safety and transparancy of hazardeous materials handling (7/22/08)
Despite allure, South Boulder Creek's Gross Reservoir off limits to swimming (7/22/08)
CSU to announce formation of a "School of Environment" (7/22/08)
Stream Team volunteer program begins monitoring Boulder Creek under supervision of BCWI (7/20/08)
Pending Front Range water projects surge with little regional coordination (7/18/08)
Boulder County planning commission approves reopening Nederland gold mine (7/17/08)
Boulder requests greater accountabilty and communication over hazardeous materal at local federal labs following NIST plutonium incident (7/15/08)
Quagga mussel larvea found in Lake Granby; Colorado River headwaters and source of CB-T front Range water supplies (7/15/08)
Fort Collins utilities raise concerns over Glade impacts on city's water infrastructure (7/15/08)
National Research Council report warns of hydrologic impacts of forest management proposals intended to increase water yeilds (7/14/08)
Boulder Utilities reviewing new tap fees following reasssement of water infrastruction (7/13/08)
Frederick to require Lifebridge developers to buy CB-T shares to meet new water need (7/13/08)
Invasive Zebra mussel prompts new boating inspections and permits at Boulder Reservoir (7/11/08)
Investigation concludes NIST Plutonium accident result of poor procedures and training (7/11/08)
Northern Arizona University study finds Colorado River dams adversly effect native fish species (7/11/08)
USFWS concludes Prebles Jumping Mouse remains threatened in Colorado but not Wyoming (7/09/08)
Lafayette ordinance targeting dental waste results in significant mercury reduction in wwastewater effluent (7/09/08)
Colorado Front Range consistently violates new ozone air quality standard (7/09/08)
USBR and NCWCD agree to cooperate with CDPHE and Grand County to inprove Grand Lake water quality and clarity (7/04/08)
Former USGS and NOAA directors propose combined federal Earth Science agency (7/04/08)
NRC temporarily halts use of nuclear materials at Boulder's NIST lab pending investigation of recent spill (7/03/08)
CU professor finds faulty math assumptions underestimates potential species extinctions (7/03/08)
CU's Center for the Study of Limnology to study critical oxygen depletion in Silverthorne's North Pond (7/03/08)
Spraying for adult mosquitoes to begin throughout Boulder County (7/01/08)
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