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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Western snowpack begins season on a promising note in northern basins (12/31/05)
2 newly discovered cases suggest CWD is spreading in wild deer population (12/30/05)
BLM proposes herbicide spraying on 1 million acres to control invasive species (12/28/05)
Frantic pursuit of CBM gas wasting groundwater and contaminating surface supplies (12/28/05)
Gunnison and the CO Water Conservation Board compromise on recreational water right for new kayak course (12/23/05)
Senate approves $10 million to buy out Rocky Flats mineral rights (12/23/05)
Mead voters approve annexation for a new wastewater treatment plant and 375 homes. (12/22/05)
Lafayette raises water rates 9%; the 4th increase in 4 years. (12/21/05)
City of Boulder will assign residental water budgets by using aerial photos to identify actual irrigable area (12/21/05)
COGO drafting rules on white water park funding to avoid conflicts over recreational water rights claims (12/21/05)
Wyoming cloud seeding program may provide scientific evidence of efficacy (12/20/05)
NCAR research finds troubling positive feedback loop in thawing permafrost (12/20/05)
Colorado River Compact States adjorn meeting without a drought management agreement (12/18/05)
Speculators profiting from trading federally subsidized C-BT water shares (12/18/05)
Bill to transfer Boulder County water infrastucture to local district passed by US House of Repersentatives (12/17/05)
Consensus on revising Colorado River management remains elusive (12/17/05)
Cherry Creek reservoir safety questions persist (12/17/05)
Arizona water expert decries lack of action on growth (12/16/05)
Three independent studies confirm continued human induced gloal warming (12/16/05)
Colorado Health Department director steps down (12/16/05)
Niwot Sanitation District garners EPA Clean Water Act award (12/15/05)
Denver Water approves 8% rate increase in responce to reduced demand (12/15/05)
Colorado River states target thristy invasive species (12/14/05)
Controversial mine land patent reform proposal dropped (12/14/05)
Boulder County disburses grants for waste diversion projects (12/14/05)
Biologist report "strong link" between ecological changes and climate shift (12/13/05)
Boulder County Health seeks more detailed emissions data from Lyon's Cemex cement plant (12/13/05)
Flow augmentation and conservation top list of solutions for Colorado River overdraft (12/12/05)
Boulder receives federal funds to restore natural channel on Goose Creek (12/12/05)
State continues slow road to drought recovery (12/11/05)
Rocky Flats neighbor sues DOE to enforce 1985 agreement to supply water and access (12/10/05)
Frederick considers annexation of for new gas fired power plant site (12/10/05)
Former Rocky Flats grand juror disputes claim cleanup is complete (12/10/05)
NCAR Study finds land use effects global climate (12/08/05)
Boulder County Household Hazardeous Waste disposal facility holiday hours (12/08/05)
Longmont residents given preliminary concepts for new Diagonal rail corridor (12/08/05)
Boulder County Sheriff requests county funds for 2005 wildfire expenses (12/08/05)
CU researcher to study retreat of Alaska's Columbia Glacier (12/08/05)
EPA proposes cutting Toxic Release Inventory reporting requirements (12/07/05)
Colorado Attorney General continues pursuit of natural-resource damage claims at Rocky Mountain Arsenal (12/07/05)
Rocky Flats Wildlife refuge development to be stalled pending full funding (12/07/05)
Extensive damage caused by heavy winds preceding winter storm (12/06/05)
Weld County oil and gas well density increase approved with some new restrictions (12/06/05)
Castle Rock water plan relys on water reuse and proposed Ruedi-Heese reservoir expansion (12/06/05)
Decision expected today on increasing Weld County oil and gas well density (12/05/05)
Particulate discharges resulting from Cemex "Upsets" not counted towards permitted emmissions (12/04/05)
Initial Northern Colorado snowpack survey promising (12/02/05)
NCAR study finds US-China trade increasing greenhouse gases (12/02/05)
RTD rail maintenance facility less likely to end up in Boulder County (12/02/05)
Erie's proposed Comprehensive Plan raises concern over increased housing density (12/01/05)
Genesee water district pursues new dam despite JeffCo planning department objections (12/01/05)
Xcel ratepayers finally pay off Colorado's sole flirtation with nuclear power ( Fort St. Vrain) (12/01/05)
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