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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Boulder County Community Foundation releases the 2005 Boulder County Civic Forum Report (11/30/05)
Longmont to dedicate a new 30 MGD drinking water treatment plant Saturday (11/30/05)
Berthoud town board to consider reducing water dedication requirement for new development (11/30/05)
Colorado Supreme Court upholds validity of in-stream flow rights (11/29/05)
CDOT cited for stormwater runoff control violations on several road construction projects (11/29/05)
Change of mineral royality distribution formula may hurt Western Slope counties (11/29/05)
Workers seeking affordable housing further from jobs leading to increased traffic congestion (11/28/05)
Extensive Rocky Flats legacy remains despite nominal site cleanup (11/28/05)
Legislators call for Front Range cooperation on water resource development (11/26/05)
Parker reservoir proposal conflicts with efforts to relieve traffic congestion (11/26/05)
Ice core sampling reveals atmospheric greenhouse gas buildup unprecedented over 650,000 years (11/25/05)
Denver Metro area growth continues, expanding into far outlying communities (11/25/05)
Parker's Reuter-Hess reservoir proposal drawing interest from adjacent Douglas County communities (11/25/05)
Southwest Colorado Congressional Representative John Salazar pans proposed Wolf Creek development (11/24/05)
Boulder County Commissioners adopt zero waste and climate neutral sustainability goals (11/23/05)
2003 Colorado Supreme court ruling requires groundwater irrigation to replace surface water depletion (11/23/05)
Boulder city council votes to continue study of assumming managment of electric utility (11/24/05)
Complex management issues contribute to the high price of raw water in Colorado (11/22/05)
Metro suburbs gamble on complex undercover schemes to secure water supplies (11/21/05)
Municipal demand for agricultural water challenging long standing prohibition against water speculation (11/21/05)
Despite critical public interest, water rights ownership remains a private affair (11/21/05)
Resource scarcity combined with municipal growth stimulate water brokage market as municipalities seek to secure supplies (11/20/05)
Reassessment of Front Range water supply future predicts significant shortages (11/19/05)
House budget preserves plan to privatizatize public land for mining (11/19/05)
New report predicts 10-30% decrease annual runoff from snowpack by 2050 (11/17/05)
Xcel's motives questioned on survey over Boulder electric utility proposal (11/17/05)
Developers and land owners clash with Oil and Gas industry over proposal to drill 8000 new wells in Weld County (11/17/05)
Ski towns voice opposition to proposed mining law "reform" anticipating privatization of federal lands (11/17/05)
Hunting coalition voices support for Clinton era National Forest Roadless rule (11/17/05)
Denver unveils stormwater runoff management plan (11/17/05)
Mead plans annexation vote to obtain new wastewater treatment plant site (11/17/05)
La Plata County raises concerns over Durango recreational water right claim (11/16/05)
Rocky Mountian National Park air quality deterioration tied to Front Range industrial facilities (11/16/05)
Congress allocates $10 million to buy out Rocky Flats private mineral rights (11/15/05)
CSU prepares to provide public access to historic Colorado Compact documents (11/12/05)
Hazardous materials incident near IBM prompts evacuations and closure of Longmont Diagonal (CO 119) (11/10/05)
Colorado Attorney General seeks funds to reopen Rocky Mountain Arsenal litigation (11/10/05)
CU's Center of the American West releases a extensive report on land use projections for Western US (11/08/05)
Analysis of BLM records raises questions about the efficacy of federal energy resource development (11/07/05)
CU climate researcher predicts winter of mountain snow and dry plains (11/04/05)
Environmental Defense analyst urges permanent rules for Colorado River management (11/04/05)
CU Ecology Researcher reports significant success with biological knapweed control (11/04/05)
First Colorado public roadless rule forum draws large, heated crowd (11/03/05)
Successful Superior Bond issue increases open space options (11/03/05)
New Forest Service off road travel policies may legitimize illegal trails (11/03/05)
Jefferson County planners oppose Gennesse Reservoir proposal (11/03/05)
Concern rising over unexplained blooms of Didymosphenia geminata an indigenous diatomaceous algea also know as Didymo (11/01/05)
Plan to increase density of Weld County oil and gas wells encountering resistance from real estate developers (11/01/05)
Emerging Colorado River Drought plan may again overestimate available flow
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