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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

USFS releases lists and maps of properties proposed to be sold to support rural schools while both CO senators oppose the proposal (02/28/06)
Bettaso Pipeline failure dumps a slug of mud into Boulder Creek (02/26/06)
High winds blamed for trash collecting along Boulder County waterways (02/25/06)
Plant malfunction results in 12,000 gallon wastewater spill into South Platte (02/25/06)
Trout Unlimited leads effort to maintain stream flows in overappropriated South Boulder Creek (02/23/06)
Bill seeks to facilitate sharing water rights between agriculture and municipal needs. (02/14/06)
Weld County's approach to I25 corridor growth management worries some adjacent communities (02/06/06)
Review finds key Rocky Flats worker exposure data collection procedures badly flawed (02/06/06)
Growing Boulder and Weld County cities looks to a new Poudre River reservoir for water supply (02/06/06)
CU & NASA researchers complain NASA political appointees cloud serious climate change indicators (02/05/06)
Deep snowpack and filling reservoirs promising for summer water supply (02/04/06)
Stalled La Niña brings mountain snows but little relief for parched Front Range (02/02/06)
Colorado River Compact states reach agreement on a drought management plan (02/01/06)
Boulder sets plan to clean up Valmont Butte site while considering its future (01/30/06)
Colorado agrees to help boost Platte River flows to aid Nebraskan wildlfe habitat (01/30/06)
Regulators consider permitting gas drilling adjacent to Colorado Nuclear test site (01/29/06)
SVVSD struggles to find $1.9 million for water hookup to new Erie High School; more then 3 time the amount budgeted (01/26/06)
Proposed bill (HB06-1185) would increase protections for surface owners with oil & gas drilling activities (01/25/06)
New USGS study may keep Preble's Jumping Mouse on endangered species list (01/25/06)
CDOT to evaluate I25 expansion as growth shifts to north Metro area (01/22/06)
Former Governor Lamm argues illegal immigration also an environmental issues (01/22/06)
Proposed bill (HB06-1124) will facilitate short term agricultural water sales (01/17/06)
Palisades protests BLM gas leases in municipal watershed (01/17/06)
Lafayette finds route to more secure water supply increasingly complex and expensive (01/15/06)
State climatologist identifies short term drought in Colorado foothills and plains (01/13/06)
Colorado Oil and Gas drilling permits increased 50% in 2005 (01/13/06)
Officials concerned fire fighting infrastructure unprepared to respond to unusual winter wildfires (01/13/06)
New reservoir developments anticipated in support of oil shale proposals (01/12/06)
Center for the American West study (PDF) calls for liability relief to facilitate clean up of abandoned mines (01/12/06)
USGS plans to consolidate mapping expertise in Denver (01/12/06)
Colorado poised for leadership role in alternative energy development (01/12/06)
KMGH unveils Colorado Watersheds WWW site (01/12/06)
Water Quality Control Commission to continue regulation of Oil and Gas construction runoff (01/11/06)
2700 ac. Jefferson County Fire prompts evacuations and closure of CO 93 (01/11/06)
Warm dry chinook winds along Front Range attributed to a weak La Niña formation (01/10/06)
Fire danger prompts Colorado Gov. to ban open fire on state land below 8000 ft (01/10/06)
Colorado legislature likely to consider competing property rights inherent in mineral development on split estates (01/09/06)
Wildfire burns several hundred acres and prompts evacutations south of Carter Lake in Larimer County (01/09/06)
EPA proposes exemption to the NPDES for Oil and Gas activities (01/07/06)
Snow pack lagging in Southern Colorado due to weak La Niña in the Pacific Ocean (01/07/06)
Colorado Springs wastewater system repairs result in another raw sewage discharge to Fountain Creek (01/07/06)
New study finds savalge logging may impede regeneration of burned forests (01/06/06)
Local man petitions EPA to force changes in state enforcement of the Clean Air Act (01/06/06)
Boulder to test Valmount Butte prairie dogs for radioactive and toxic contamination (01/05/06)
Trout Unlimited joins calls for preserving Colorado roadless areas (01/05/06)
Boulder County Sheriff announces crack down on Boulder Feeder Canal trespassers (01/04/06)
Boulder city council critical of the lack of citizen input in transit village proposals (01/04/06)
Internal US Department of Agricultural audit reveals little oversight of GM crops (01/03/06)
Oil and gas activities may be affecting deer migration patterns (01/03/06)
Environmental coalition releases a scorecard of western ski area (01/03/06)
INSTARR Snowpack report from Niwot Ridge for December now available (01/02/06)
Mead looks to future growth to fund new wastewater treatment plant (01/02/06)
CO Public Health department proposes regulation of oil and gas well stormwater runoff (01/01/06)
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