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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

City of Boulder to reevaluate wetlands protection ordinance (06/29/06)
Boulder County Commissioners decline to stiffen outdoor fire ban (06/28/06)
Poor spring run off leaves several Loveland reservoirs abnormally low (06/27/06)
Boulder woman dies from kayaking accident on the Poudre River (06/27/06)
Cooler weather helps firefighters progress against several state wildfires (06/26/06)
Local group lobbying GOP congressional reps to support RMNP wilderness designation (06/25/06)
Boulder volunteers join in metro area all species inventory (06/25/06)
Governor Owens enacts fire ban in all state parks (06/21/06)
Persistent dry spell prompts governor to seek disaster status for 28 agricultural counties (06/17/06)
Outdoor fire ban extended to RMNP and National Forest county wide (06/14/06)
Outdoor fire ban extended thoughout unincorporated Boulder County (06/13/06)
Salazar proposes legislation to shield abandanded mine cleanup efforts (06/13/06)
State alleges new emmission violations at Lyon's Cemex plant (06/13/06)
NCWCD to study storing water in subsurface geologic formations (06/12/06)
Trinidad man drowns while tubing in Boulder Creek (06/12/06)
Lyons hosts 70 participants in 4th annual Whitewater Festival (06/12/06)
Local fire crews control several lightning sparked wildfires (06/12/06)
County water use rate returning to pre '02 drought levels (06/10/06)
Lighting sparks several small fires in Boulder County (06/09/06)
Politicians spar over resources in the face of high wildfire risk (06/09/06)
Boulder County approves Marshall site for Xcel gas compressor station (06/10/06)
Rapid melting of above average winter snow pack good for recreation but no guarentee of summer supplies (06/06/06)
Despite wildfire risk Front Range National Guard helicopters headed to Iraq (06/06/06)
Denver water conservation proposal includes rating system for new construction (06/04/06)
Rapid snow melt off yeilds great tubing conditions on Boulder Creek (06/04/06)
Rocky Mtn Park officials ask state to reduce Front Range Nitrogen emmission (06/01/06)
Boulder County postpones outdoor fire ban, for now (06/01/06)
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