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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Persistent dry trend raising water supply concerns (05/29/06)
Boulder water supply healthy despite early snowpack meltout (05/23/06)
Final 2005/2006 snowpack report from Niwot Ridge (05/22/06)
Early meltout of Colorado snowpack raises drought and wildfire concerns (05/22/06)
New study purports to quantify cost of Boulder's "smart" growth policies (05/22/06)
Dry spring reverses optimistic Colorado River forecast (05/19/06)
CO DOW calls for preservation of roadless areas in National Forest (05/19/06)
Boulder County receives a grant to clean up mine tailings in the James Creek Watershed (05/18/06)
South Platte farmers continue to seek replacement water to reactivate wells. (05/18/06)
Unusual spring avalanche watch issued due to unstable snow pack (05/17/06)
Researchers attribute significant changes in Antartica to global climate change (05/17/06)
NCWCD and Aurora may provide South Platte farmers a solution to water problems (05/12/06)
Bill restricting recreational water rights signed into law (05/12/06)
CO governor declares emergency to qualify South Platte farmers for federal aid (05/11/06)
National Guard preparing C-130 cargo planes to fight wildfires (05/10/06)
State shuts off 400 South Platte irrigation wells to protect surface water rights (05/10/06)
Bill to include water quality as criteria governing water transfer fails (05/08/06)
Experts anticipate a milder West Nile season (05/08/06)
New Vista Students direct community service activity to protecting Boulder Creek (05/07/06)
Boulder water supply staff more optimistic about current snowpack (05/05/06)
Pesticides found in Rocky Mountain National Park snowpack (05/04/06)
Warm dry spring prompts rapid decrease in critical snowpack (05/04/06)
Colorado House votes to require courts to consider water quality when approving large water transfers (05/03/06)
INSTAAR's April Niwot Ridge Snowpack report is now available (05/02/06)
Hazardeous materials spill threatens Denver water supply (04/29/06)
Longmont considers leasing surplus water (04/28/06)
Boulder area governments holds flood emergency exercise (04/18/06)
Local governments prepare for Tuesday's major flood response exercise (04/17/06)
Colorado River basin water managers to explore cloud seeding to enhance precipitation. (04/17/06)
Denver Water adds flexibility to summer water use restrictions (04/14/06)
Despite healthy mountain snowpack, above average fire season risk anticipated for Colorado's Front Range and eastern Plains. (04/14/06)
Boulder County toxic releases decline 19% despite increase in sources (04/13/06)
Longmont plans to replace undersized UV sewage treatment system (04/13/06)
Coalition forms to protect the Poudre River from NCWCD's NISP project (04/09/06)
Proposed water roundtable charter may do little to reduce geographic conflicts (04/09/06)
State of approval of increased oil and gas well density challenged in courts (04/07/06)
Above average wild fire season anticipated due to below average winter precipitation in Colorado's lower elevations (04/07/06)
New study finds 2 RMNP glaciers unchanged in contrast to general worldwide trend (04/06/06)
CO Senate Bill restricting recreational water rights advances (04/06/06)
Controversial Inter Basin Compact Committee submits charter to Colorado legislature for ratification (04/06/06)
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