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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Coyotes becoming more comfortable in suburbs than some suburbanites care for (5/31/07)
Colorado Senate delegation seek federal funding for Mancos water project rehabilitation (5/31/07)
Colorado River conference highlights new spirit of cooperation resulting from recent and ongoing drought (5/30/07)
Boulder Creek Festival celebrates 20 anniversary this weekend (5/26/07)
Boulder County buys 113 acre parcel near Lyons for open space (5/26/07)
Teflon precursor PFOA found widely distributed in humans and environment (5/26/07)
KICP, NCWCD and SVVSD hold 8th annual Longmont Children's Water Festival (5/25/07)
Boulder man drowns in Arkansas River's Royal Gorge when raft capsizes (5/25/07)
Metro area mayors urge continued water conservation (5/25/07)
Wet weather raising rodent populations and the diseases they transmit (5/23/07)
Conflicting views of Glade Park reservoir proposal presented to Fort Collins City Council (5/23/07)
Colorado begins to negotiate with NFS over new roadless lands policy (5/22/07)
Ontario lake experiment finds fish gender abnormalities resulting from very low estrogen concentrations (5/22/07)
Arapahoe county arson incident results in magnesium chorlide discharge to Denver storm sewer (5/21/07)
Spring streamflow and water supply wildly divergent across Colorado (5/20/07)
Metro air quality faces critical year for EPA monitoring of summer ozone levels (5/20/07)
Despite healthy Front Range water supply drought widespread across the west (5/20/07)
Potential corn based ethanol boom maybe be constrained by agricultural water supply (5/19/07)
Jefferson County continues to pursue regulation of new mountain household water supply wells (5/18/07)
Emergency officials warn increasingly hazardous Boulder Creek high flow expected to increase (5/17/07)
Denver Water raises concern over poor monitoring of backflow preventors on Parks & Recreation irrigation systems (5/17/07)
CU hosts 15th annual Water Festival for 1200 BVSD students (5/17/07)
Spring storms delivers flood pulse that tripled South Platte flow rate through downtown Denver (5/16/07)
Longmont increases St. Vrain flow rate to lower Price reservoir (5/16/07)
USEPA and NPS seek to reduce airborne nitogen deposition rates in RMNP and Indian Peaks (5/16/07)
Western Slope basins snowpack meltoff speed may break records (5/16/07)
Metor area flash flooding results in 2 drowning deaths (5/15/07)
Compromise over historic irrigation ditch clears the way for RMNP wilderness designation (5/15/07)
Boulder County to provide septic tank status reports online (5/15/07)
Udall and Salazar call for 1 year moritum on Roan Plateau energy development (5/15/07)
Court ruling on South Platte groundwater irrigation wells unlikly to save 2007 crop (5/14/07)
USBR predicts Colorado River flows to be 68% of average (5/13/07)
Boulder water billing software glitch generates $1.5 million bill, and erroneous reports of 50% increase in water revenues (5/13/07)
Boulder's new water rate structure hits multifamily housing units with significant increases (5/10/07)
Weaker prices results in drop in Colorado energy revenues (5/10/07)
Proposed Glade Park reservoir raising concerns over Poudre river flow through Ft. Collins (5/03/07)
The Niwot Ridge Snowpack report for April, 2007 is now available (5/03/07)
New NCAR study finds arctic sea ice retreating much faster then models predict (5/01/07)
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