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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

New multi-state Platte River management agreement mixed bag for irrigators (10/30/06)
Report indicates Berthod waste water infrastucture needs 5.7 million in repairs (10/28/06)
CSU Researchers find antibiotic resistance in wastewater microbes (10/27/06)
CO settles with USBR over upper Arkansas River acid mine drainage damage (10/27/06)
FDA official surprised to be quoted in issue 2b opposition ad (10/24/06)
South Platte ag well users may be answerable to water court judge (10/23/06)
Wyoming water official questions availability of water for Green River pipeline scheme (10/23/06)
Court approves upper Arkansas River recreational water right (10/22/06)
NCAR model study affirms anticipated increase in weather severity (10/20/06)
Antarctic ozone hole reaches record breath and depth (10/20/06)
Boulder mosquito control contractor returns to court over data sharing issues (10/19/06)
Boulder and other senior South Platte water rights holders monitored eastern farmers for forbidden well use (10/17/06)
Gubernatorial candidates environmental stands divergent but neither have much track record (10/17/06)
COB Water Resources Advisory board opposes ballot question 2A but agrees fluoridation additive deserves scrutiny (10/17/06)
As US population passes milestone Colorado's growth rate exceeds national average and is expected to climb (10/17/06)
Despite dry year Denver Water declares drought over with reservoirs at or near capacity (10/16/06)
Eagle vally water district sues Denver Water to recover unused water rights (10/16/06)
Denver Water employee killed during water main repair (10/14/06)
Lafayette close to approving new stormwater management utility (10/14/06)
Climate experts expect western US to see greatest climate change impact (10/13/06)
State approves relocation of Boulder County beavers to Estes Park ranch (10/13/06)
Link between pine beetle and wildfire risk oversimplified (10/13/06)
Firestone expected to annex state park to halt Weld County road proposal (10/13/06)
League of Conservation Voters gives divergent grades to Colorado's congressional delegation (10/12/06)
Denver Water customers sustain 11% reduction in usage from pre-drought levels (10/12/06)
State regulators protest BLM proposal to waive local air quality permits for oil shale development (10/12/06)
Durango braces for additional flood damage as persistent rainfall continues (10/10/06)
Boulder County reviewing mosquito spraying criteria (10/08/06)
Preeminent flood plain management authority and local activist Gilbert White dies at age 94 (10/06/06)
Transfer of CBT canal system ownership from USBR to NCWCD nears completion with little local notice (10/06/06)
Weld County continues to approve major developments on town boundaries without consultation (10/06/06)
New report outlines significant impacts of climate change on Western US (10/06/06)
Alaskan oil geologist confirmed as new USGS Director (10/06/06)
JeffCo considers requiring proof of water supply for new foothills residential construction (10/05/06)
Politicians claim supply of water to sustain Douglas County growth essential to state's economy (10/05/06)
Rueter-Hess reservoir constuction proceeds even though expansion permit not yet granted (10/05/06)
South Metro water districts hold summit to explore regional supply solutions (10/02/06)
Sunflowers for food and fuel emerging as water saving crop alternative (10/02/06)
EIS for NCWCD NISP to tap the Poudre river proceeding (10/02/06)
NOAA consolidates earth science research and data in Earth System Research Lab (10/02/06)
Denver Water seeks to increase diversions from Fraser River, already suffering impacts (10/01/06)
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