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Current Theme: BASIN September, 2008 News Reports

Future of Colorado River water supplies dominated by uncertainties regarding oil shale development (9/21/08)
Forty Eastern Colorado counties approved for Federal Disaster assistance due to drought and severe weather (9/17/08)
Save the Poudre and NCWCD spar over NISP survey results (9/16/08)
State allocates $1.5 million of oil severance tax to purchase water rights for in-stream flow (9/15/08)
AP study estimates millions of pounds of unused and expired pharmecueticals routinely flushed into US wastewater stream (9/14/08)
Further pharmecuetical testing of municipal water supplies for finds larger exposure, more compounds (9/12/08)
Grand Canyon sand bars formed by artificial flood release appear to be eroding quickly (9/12/08)
USGS report finds significant proportion of North American freshwater fish species in danger of extinction (9/11/08)
NISP opponents to present alternative Northern Colorado water supply proposal (9/11/08)
Interior Department's Inspector General finds corruption rampant in federal offshore oil and gas oversight agency (9/11/08)
Colorado Supreme court to review ruling that that subjects CBM water discharges to state water law (9/10/08)
Colorado Supreme Court to decide county authority over cyanide gold mining (9/09/08)
Cache La Poudre Junior High School uses Poudre River as mult-displinary class room for River Week (9/06/08)
CU study refines estimate of sea level rise resulting from climate change (9/05/08)
Colorado politicians protest BLM release of final Oil Shale development EIS (9/05/08)
Denver Water proposes a average %7.5 average water rate hike for 2009 (9/04/08)
Yale primate study adds to concerns over plastic component Bisphenol A (9/04/08)
New study finds peak wind speeds in strongest hurricanes have increased over last 2 decades (9/04/08)
Ft Collins city council expected to file objections to NISP Glade Park Reservoir EIS tonite (9/03/08)
Increasing effects of excess nitrogen emissions reveals anthropogenic impacts beyond climate change (9/02/08)
New study finds invasive mussels thrive in water impoundments (9/02/08)
South Boulder residents appeal to city for improved mosquito control (9/01/08)
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