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The Boulder Area Trails Coalition is a group of environmentalists, hikers, equestrians, and bicyclists who believe it is in everyone's best interest to work together on trail issues.  Our mission is to promote non-motorized, multi-use, environmentally responsible trail systems.  By joining together we can fulfill the vision accessible healthy open lands. Your skills, involvement, and financial resources are needed and welcome.

Multi-purpose trails are a valuable community resource which provide recreational benefits which enhance the quality-of-life of area residents and visitors.  In addition to their recreational benefits, trails systems enhance environmental quality by:

  • Fostering a sense of stewardship among trail users
  • Helping users appreciate and protect our natural heritage
  • Generating support for additional open space and public lands
  • Creating opportunities to initiate ecosystem restoration
  • Providing alternatives to automobile travel

Major Goals:

  • A system of connected trails incorporating environmentally sound trail placement and design
  • A comprehensive trail plan and user friendly information
  • A community of responsible trail users
  • Public support for trails


  • Support and facilitate local and regional trails planning
  • Create, preserve, and enhance systems of connected trails
  • Serve as a trails policy advocate to local, state, and federal agencies
  • Serve as a catalyst to develop consensus on trail issues
  • Educate trail users about trail ethics and trail opportunities
  • Raise funds for trails
  • Support volunteer trail projects
  • Serve as a trails information resource
  • Facilitate multifaceted partnership for the benefit of trails
  • Support off-street trails and on-street bike lanes as transportation and recreation routes

Mailing Address: BATCO, PMB 201, 1705 14th Street, Boulder, CO. 80302
Telephone Contact: Suzanne Webel (303) 485-2162
Email:Contact BATCO