FALL 1997:

September 28: Climb the Third Flatiron. We will meet at 7 AM at the parking lot at the park entrance. Bring any gear you have.

October 5:  Meeting. University Memorial Center (UMC) at CU.  We'll be meeting at 6 PM.  We will be in room 157a. As you you come in the main doors, go downstairs and go to your left. Pass the elevator and turn left down the hall. We'll be on the right hand side of the hall. Bring some money if you would like to go bowling, play billiards, or play arcade games. We'll be talking  about upcoming trips.

October 19: Climb South Arapaho Peak. We'll be meeting at 6 AM at the church for this climb. Its not to difficult, so come on out and give it a try. We'll be back before 6 PM. Bring a lunch. Permission Form.

October 19: Court of Honor. Sunday at 6 PM we are having a Court of  Honor in unison with the Boy Scout Troop.  It will be at the Scout room.  (Downstairs of Scared Heart of Jesus, 14th and Mapleton.)  One of us is going to receive a big award.  Who I don't know.  None of the leaders will tell me, it seems to be the secret of the century!!  So all us need to try and attend.

October 24-25: Denver After Dark.  Stay-up all night! A regional opportunity to tour Denver during the night and see what happens "behind the scene"! Learn about interesting careers, meet other Explorers, and have fun! 7 PM till 5 AM.  For more info e-mail us or call 455-5522 x 132.

October 29: Shakedown. Prep-meeting for Saint Mary's Glacier.  Meet at 7 PM at Scout Room.

November 1-2: Saint Mary's Glacier. Remember last time, this time we'll stay warm. Depending on snow fall, we'll go glacading, skiing, hiking/snow shoeing around the mountain, we might even make snow caves. Oh yes, of course we will have a snow ball fight.

November 9: Meeting. Meeting at Scout Room at 3:30 PM.  First we're going to talk about upcoming events and have the PARENT'S MEETING about SCUBA Trip. Then we're going rock climbing at the Boulder Rock Club until 8 PM. See letter for more details. Post letter dated October 28, 1998.

December 7: Christmas Party. We're going to have a pot-luck dinner at the Wagner's house at 5 PM.  Please bring a side dish or desert.  They will be providing the main dish and drinks.  PLEASE RSVP as soon as possible!  Afterwards we're going to watch a movie.  Down payment ($500)  for scuba trip is due.


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Created 8/31/97. Updated: 12/11/97