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Please Note! Its purpose is to show viewers the current activities, going on, within the community of the Village of Niwot, Colorado.

Community of Niwot
Niwot is located approximately 9 miles N.E. of Boulder, Colo., just North and East of the intersection of Diagonal Hiway 119 and Niwot Road (first traffic light, north of IBM facility).

Niwot, Colorado is an unincorporated "village", which was platted in 1875. It was named after an Arapahoe indian chief, Chief Niwot (niwot means "left hand" in Arapahoe language). He and his friendly tribe were inhabiting this vast "Left Hand Valley" when the white settlers arrived. Chief Niwot was well known, in the area, at the time.

Chief Niwot was an intelligent (could speak English; often an interpreter in "white man's" negotiations/conversations) Arapahoe indian; Chief of this friendly Arapahoe Indian tribe, who lay claim to this immediate territory.

The tribe's encampment was on Left Hand Creek, about 3 miles west of of the present village, near Haystack Mountain. This was a favorite lookout point for buffalo which roamed in the Gunbarrel area. Stone tepee groundings can, still, be found, there. After the "Sand Creek massacre", the Arapahoe tribe left the area; the end to an era of community living.

Farmers began settling the land, near Haystack Mountain, as early as 1859. Most were disgruntled miners who came from Black Hawk, down "Left Hand Creek", to the rich grasslands of the valley.

In 1873, Loveland's railroad was built between Boulder and Longmont, and a section house was erected at the half-way point. Will T. Wilson, the station agent, was given the task of selecting a name for the post office site, and he chose "Modoc" (after an "ornery bunch of Indians, out, in California").

There, already, was a Niwot post offfice, at the mouth of Left Hand Canyon, but by the late 1870's, confusion grew over which location should be called Niwot. So, the two post office names were changed; old Niwot becoming Altona and Modoc becoming Niwot.

Thus, was the beginning of the present day Niwot (the village structure same as yesteryear, but much different establishments); a small business center which would serve farmers for miles around. There was the Niwot State Bank, a blacksmith shop, the Livingston Hotel, a general store, Hogsett Lumber Company, a large alfalfa mill, and other, numerous merchants over the years. When the automobile arrived, people found it easier to shop in Longmont or Boulder, so the small Niwot merchants, simply, faded away.

Today's Niwot has its own U.S. Post Office, which has, officially, put it "on the map".

Today, Niwot business has made a strong comeback, as local farms are, fast, turning into housing sub-divisions; initiated by the announcement of a new IBM plant in 1965.

Downtown Niwot has been designated a historical landmark, so this small town which, still, resembles its early years, will retain its, same, "old fashioned look" for "years to come".

Niwot Grange
Left Hand Grange Hall
2nd & Franklin Ave.
Downtown Niwot
Did you know ...?
The Grange is an organization which flexes with the times and with the needs of its, immediate, community; not, just, for seniors, not, just, for farmers, but for everyone, of all ages. It is your local community service organization. Left Hand Grange-- organized in 1873-- is the second oldest continuously operating Grange in the state of Colorado. From the local, regional, state, and national level, the Grange is founded on the values rooted in the agrarian nature of our American history. The Grange strives to maintain the quality of life for suburban and rural Americans. Your local Grange welcomes you and your input to direct its services to our community, of all ages.
Please "keep your eyes peeled" for the next Grange ANNUAL BOOK SALE;
Everyone is welcome and is needed.

& Dinner.


Niwot High School Events

NHS will keep its current "Block Schedule" (four 90 minute, every other day schedule) for the 1999-2000 academic year.

Major School Facilities Expansion

  1. new athletic fields;

    • soccer,
    • baseball,
    • softball, and
    • tennis

  2. front office area remodeling,
  3. new Commons Area,
  4. counseling offices relocation to the main entrance area; to be replaced by a new special education classroom and by a teachers' workroom, hopefully,
  5. parking space expansion - 400 spaces,
  6. "Field" & "Track" area expansion.

Sunset Middle School Events

Niwot Elementary School Events
Niwot Seniors

Seniors Happenings - Sip, Snack, Visit Coffee, February 28, 2001(always the 4th Wednesday each month, normally)

Niwot Community Churches

Divine Savior Luthern Church


Niwot United Methodist Church
7405 Lookout Road
Boulder, (Gunbarrel), CO.
Tele: (303)530-0241
Worship 9:30 A.M.
Sunday School 10:45 A.M.


Rocky Mountain Christian Church
9447 Niwot Rd.,
Niwot, CO 80503,
Tele: (303)652-2211
Sunday Services, 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.


Vinelife Community Church

Association for Community Living, Boulder County, Inc. (ARC; Assoc. for Retarded Citizens)

Niwot Youth Sports

Niwot Community Tid Bits

The Village Poet Laureate - Niwot is, indeed, privileged to have an outstanding linguist, in our community, in the person of Bill Yoh! Bill has given me permission to post the linked piece of writing on our Niwot Web Page. I think it is fitting to the community.

Boulder County Land Use Department "Regulations" - On-line;

Boulder County, just last year, developed a residential land use code, which allows for an "accessory use" of a residential lot in a way which allows a separate, unattached 700 sq. ft. dwelling to be built on premises, which can be occupied by the "Senior owner" for senior housing or by a "caretaker" for the "Senior owner". The permit is a $1,000 non-refundable cost and approximately 1 year "approval" time; click on "County Regulations", below to view "Article 4-516's, official wording.

County Regulations

Niwot's Volunteer Fire Station is a member of the Mountain View Fire District. "Click" on the District's home page link, below;

Mountain View Fire District

Legal - Boulder County Bar Association

Niwot Sanitation District

Sewage back-up Insurance Rider

Homeowners need to purchase a sewer rider to their homeowner's insurance in order to be covered, in the event of a sewer back-up. Sewer damage is, typically, not covered unless a rider to your policy "is in place". The, additional, coverage will be called something like "Back-Up of Sewer or Drain Endorsement". Costs range from approximately $25.00 to $50.00 per year. Please check your policy to make certain you're covered.

The "District" is not responsible for any back-up originating in the owner's lateral and is responsible for, only, those "District's" back-ups, in the main line, where negligence is involved. This is,almost, never the case. That's why it is important that your home is, adequately, insured, in the event of a back-up. Please, check your policy.

Left Hand Water District

6800 Nimbus Road

  • Water Conservation Garden
    As part of the Water District's Plan, it has created a garden of Xeorographic plants. The "District" would like for us to join it and its landscape planner-teacher, Andy Mead, for ideas in making a new approach to gardening, which will save time, money, and water, being beautiful at the same time.

    The garden is open, weekdays, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

  • Monthly Board Meetings

    Monthly Board of Director meetings are held the Thursday, following 2nd Tuesday of each month, at 9:00 a.m., at the District offices, 6800 Nimbus Rd., Niwot