Members N-Z



Charles Parsons

From: Bethel, Maine

Age: 15



Ranee Patel

From: Little Ferry, New Jersey

Age: 17

I am 17 years old and a junior in high school from NJ. I enjoy dancing (ballet/modern), theatre, playing the piano, rock climbing, hiking, swimming, jazz music, going to NYC, art and reading. The one major flaw I have about Thailand is getting there. I dread flying. I'm also the crew journalist. Very excited to meet you all!



Spencer Roos

From: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Age: 18

My name is Spencer Roos, I'm an Eagle Scout from Steamboat Springs, CO.  Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the training weekend, but I'm looking forward to meeting all of you.



Philip Schuchardt

From: Fairfax Station, Virginia

Age: 16



Whitney Sher

From: Brussels, Belgium

Age: 16

This is Whitney Sher.  As you can see I'm from Brussels, Belgium.  This is my hometown and I absolutely love it here.  I am on the Varsity Basketball team at my school at the moment. I am very athletic and musical.  I enjoy going out on Friday nights downtown or to friends' houses and just chillin during my free periods at school playing rugby with a few friends.



Stephen (Jack) Skahen

From: Newport Beach, California

Age: 18



Michael Stallsmith

From: South Orange, New Jersey

Age: 19


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William Stallsmith

From: South Orange, New Jersey

Age: 19



Nick Stambuli

From: Clifton, New Jersey

Age: 17

This is Nick from New Jersey. Just wanted to give a little bio. I'm 16 years old and a junior in high school. I'm in our high marching band, "the show band of the northeast. I'm also on our school swim team for the third year. Besides venturing, I'm also a boy scout, and went to Philmont over the summer. Outside of school I hang out with my friends, play a lot of hackysack, and am addicted to magic: the gathering. That about wraps it up for me.



Maureen Underhill

From: Greenwood Village, Colorado

Age: 19



Joseph Williamson

From: Greenwich, Connecticut

Age: 17