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Emergency Services Center
This site serves Boulder County's Emergency Services community. It lists all of the agencies that support emergency services; provides information about training; volunteer and career opportunies for rescuers; location and pictorial information of stations; and gives radio frequency and call sign information.
Additional links to regional and national sites for training or other interests are found here.
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There are over 1 million firefighters in the United States, of which approximately 750,000 are volunteers.

Boulder County:
Rural Fire Agencies
Search & Rescue Agencies
Municipal Fire Agencies
Youth Rescue Responders
County & State Agencies
Other Boulder County Resources
Other Resources:
Neighboring Agencies
Rescue Responder Resources
Citizen's Wild Fire Resources
Federal Agencies
Frequency Locator
Chris Rogers' Longmont Site
Local Emergency Services Employment Resource
EMS Star of Life
Fire Fighter & EMS Training Calendar

Boulder County Emergency Responders
rely on our relationship with
Pridemark Paramedic Services
BCN figureRegional Fire & Rescue Agencies
Rural Fire Agencies Municipal Fire Agencies
 Allenspark Fire
  Protection District

 Boulder Mountain Fire

 Boulder Rural Fire

 Cherryvale Fire
 Protection District

 Coal Creek
 Fire Protection District

 Four Mile Fire Department
 Mountain View Fire
 Protection District

 Sugar Loaf Fire

 Sunshine Fire Protection
 City of Boulder
 Fire - Rescue Department

 Eldorado Springs &
 Marshall Fire Department

 Hygiene Fire Department
 Lafayette Volunteer Fire

 Longmont Fire Department
 Louisville Fire
 Protection District

 Lyons Fire
 Protection District

 North Metro Fire Rescue
BCN figureSearch & Rescue Agencies   BCN figureCounty & State Agencies  
 Boulder Emergency Squad
 Bryan Mountain Nordic Ski Patrol
 Civil Air Patrol - Boulder Composite Squadron
 Front Range Rescue Dogs
 Longmont Emergency Unit
 Rocky Mountain Rescue Group
 Boulder County Fire Fighters

 Boulder County Sheriff's Office
 Communications Division

 Colorado State Forest Service
 Colorado State Prehospital Care

 Fort Collins Interagency Wildfire
 Dispatch Center
BCN figureYouth Rescue Responders  
 Emergency Management
 Explorer Post 493

 Longmont Emergency Unit
 Explorer Post 007
BCN figureBoulder County Rescue Responder Resources  
 Radio Call Sign Assignments for Emergency Services Responders
 Emergency Services Assigned Radio Frequencies
 Boulder County Fire / EMS / Rescue Employment
BCN figureOther Boulder Area Resources  
 Chris Rodgers' Longmont Site
 Firehouse Photos & Locations
 Emergency Alert System
 Community Calendar
 Public Records of Boulder County Fire / EMS Associations & Committees
- Last Update: June 5th, 2002
BCN figureNeighboring Agencies  
 Larimer County Dive Rescue Team
 Larimer County Search and Rescue
BCN figureCitizen's Wild Fire Resources  
 WHIMS Wildfire Hazard Identification & Mitigation System
 Wildland Fire Danger: Safety and Survival Checklist
BCN figureFederal Agencies  
 Federal Emergency Management Agency
 National Civil Air Patrol
 National Park Service (FireNet)
 National Wildfire Coordinating Group
 USDA Forest Service

Last Update: , by the Emergency Services Center Developer
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