Act for the Earth

Taking the Next Step

What Can I Do?

If you are concerned about these and other issues affecting our world, there are several things you can do:

...become better informed about local and national environmental issues
...keep track of important legislation as it makes its way through the legistature
...let your elected representatives know how you feel about environmental legislation.
Here are some resources for taking these steps.

Legislative Contacts

U.S. Senators with Constituent E-Mail Addresses
Colorado Representatives to the U.S. Congress
Colorado Senators in the U.S. Congress
Senators in Colorado's General Assembly
Representatives to Colorado's General Assembly

Status of Bills and Amendments

Federal Bills and Amendments.
Colorado State Legislature Information

A Short List of Environmental Web Pages

Boulder Community Network Environment Center
National Wildlife Federation
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Endangered Species Home Page
League of Environmental Voters
EE-Link: Endangered Species
National Audubon Society: Endangered Species Act

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