Neural Protocol

I. Glutathione By Nebulizer

Beginning at 30 mg/ml, 4cc/d and working up as tolerated to 100 mg/cc or more (up to 200 mg/cc) 4cc/d or more. If irritation at 30 mg/cc dilute further with normal saline - (the worse the neurogenic inflammation, the more dilute the initial dose needed).

II. General Antioxidants In Capsules

Components of superoxide dismutase:

Compounds related to peroxynitrite biochemistry:

Scavengers of peroxynitrite and its breakdown products:

III. Nitric Oxide Scavenger: Hydroxycobalamine

Dr. Ziem recommends two years at this time of full neural protocol or until no longer reactive. Then maintenance antioxidants are needed lifelong. With more environmental controls, less will be needed: with poor environmental controls, the protocol alone cannot correct the problem.

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