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The Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association is a support group for people with environmental sensitivities. We provide a starting point for information and resources about Environmental Illness (EI), Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Suggestions for What To Do if you are developing MCS or EHS; Environmental Medicine, Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), and other related environmentally aggravated health conditions.

We have references to many books that may be of interest to people with Environmental Illness.

Plus, you'll find an extensive Resources section with links to materials, supplies and information about health-related organizations, government agencies, healthy housing, the Sawmill House, an efficient, healthy, firesafe, off-grid house, the Sawmill House, Lessons Learned, disability, Medical Chemical Chemicals, toxic substances, and electrical sensitivities to support coping with Environmental Illness.

RMEHA Member's Notes for 2018

RMEHA Member's Notes for 2019

RMEHA published a newsletter from 2000 through December 2011. Listings of article titles for each year are available at article titles. Articles often listed a Web address for further information. Active links for those references are available at - Active links for more information.

The RMEHA Resource Guide is available online, and available to non-members. Resource Guide.

This site also contains information about the Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association (RMEHA), along with information about how to contact RMEHA and a registration form for joining RMEHA.

Send us an email via the contact page to suggest additional areas you would like to see covered on this site. All constructive comments are most appreciated!

Follow the links below to learn more about Environmental Illness and RMEHA.

Accomodating MCS Books
for EI's
Cell Phones Contact
Depression and MCS Disability Resources Disaster Resources EMR Sensitivity Environmental
Fragrances and MCS Government
Healthy Housing and MCS Join RMEHA
Medical Chemicals and MCS Past Newsletter
Past Newsletter
Pesticides and MCS RMEHA Resource Guide
For EI's
Sawmill House Sawmill House Lessons Search
Smart Meters
Tobacco Smoke and MCS Toxics Resources Treatments for MCS What To Do if You Have MCS What's
Member's Notes, 2018 Member's Notes, 2019

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RMEHA has been supporting people with Environemntal Illnesses since 1984.

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