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Toxics Information Resources

This page presents links to various resources for researching various areas of pollution, and toxic materials. This is a collection of World Wide Web links from the RMEHA newsletters and many other resources.

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EMF Information Resources Hazardous Materials Information Resources Pesticide Information Resources
Pesticide Registry Database Pollution Information Resources Miscellaneous Links of Interest Search Engines

Please keep in mind that web links in this listing are supplied for information and research purposes. They do not represent an endorsement by RMEHA.

Pollution Information Links

The presence of pollution - man-made materials in our environment that harm us - seem to be an inevitable part of society's use of toxic materiels. The following links lead to information about the prevalence of this problem and some of the measures to avoid and/or control it.

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Hazardous Materials Information Links

Toxic materials are part of of our "modern" world. And for people with MCS/EI, for whom any exposure is often a severe problem, avoidance and/or controlling them is very important. The following links lead to much more information about this area.

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Miscellaneous Links of Interest

There is much information available about many of the above areas. The following are links that have not been examined in detail but are presented for their possible interest.

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Search Engines

Here are several search engines in case you wish to do more research from this page -

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