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How to Contact RMEHA

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We have three ways to contact us -

  1. Fill out the following Reader Response Form,
  2. Leave a telephone message, or
  3. Via post office mail.

Reader Response Form

For more information about any issues or questions raised by this web site, fill in the pertinent information in the following Reader Response Form and Send it.

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*State or Province:
*Postal/Zip code:

Any and all comments will be much appreciated,

Please do fill in fields marked with an asterisk(*). Otherwise, the form will not be sent.

In addition to timely announcements of Environmental Illness developments, the RMEHA email list is occasionally used for brief members-only personal or business advertisements, such as free clothing, safe household goods, or an MCS-safe house. These emails, perhaps several a month, are sent in background mode - i.e., email addresses are not disclosed - are limited to some 100 words in text format. Absolutely no attachments are sent to this email list. Business advertisements are charged $0.10 per word, with a maximum of 400 words, and are run only once unless reviewed by the Board.

Thank you for your response, and be assured any personal information you supply will not be distributed to anybody but RMEHA Board of Directors.

Telephone Contact:

To discuss Environmental Illness questions or issues, you are welcome to call -

303/459-0180, Ernie, Vice President
970/213-6039, Caryl, President
Effective hours are 09:00 AM through 4:00 PM Mountain Time.

Via Post Office Mail -

Send a letter to -

Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association
181 Sawmill Road
Jamestown, Colorado

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