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Mold and MCS

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Mold is a common problem for people with MCS; it can cause MCS, and it can also aggravate the MCS neural injury. This page covers several aspects of this problem.

The Mold Warriers

by Dr. Shoemaker

This book by Dr. Shoemaker details his blood tests that show why we feel better at altitude. Something about erythropoietin production being increased when there is less oxygen in the air. Some doctors give shots of erythropoietin to raise something called VEGF, and people recover. The recovering patients also live away from indoor contaminants like mold and chemicals and mosquito bites, besides being at very high altitude frequently or living above 7,000 feet.

His patients that had been diagnosed with Lyme disease had the same biomarkers as those who had been exposed to molds and other toxins and had become sensitized to tiny amounts of them. Symptoms are the same among a variety of diagnoses that share the same biomarkers, which are commonly found among the 25% of the population that has particular gene variations.

Some of the sufferers of this syndrome may present with the following symptoms and diagnosis. Diagnoses of CFS, MCS, LYME, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, myasthenia graves, allergies, some misdiagnosed mental illnesses, various auto-immune diseases, mold illnesses, asthma, inflammation, reactive airways disease, being in pain all the time, addiction to painkillers, arthritis, low anaerobic threshold (exhaustion after exercise), "ROS diffusely positive" (everything hurts, nothing feels right when a doctor does an intake Review of Symptoms,) innate immune response abnormalities...

I, for one, will accept any diagnosis that protects me from the people dispensing government money. Diagnoses that get me therapy that helps are good, too. Words are useful as weapons. But having this medical problem broken up into many different diagnoses makes it harder for us to learn what works to help us recover. This doctor has identified blood tests that are actually useful! I may try to get some of them.

Reviewed by Cara McMillan

Black Mold

Information about Black Mold can be obtained from -

Mold Testing

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