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About FLYC


The purpose of Friends of the Longmont Youth Center is to support Longmont Youth Center (LYC) and its programs by:

  • Fostering interest in, and promoting the activities of, Longmont Youth Center.
  • Improving the social conditions of youth in our community.
  • Voluntarily rendering financial or other assistance to youth serviced by Longmont Youth Center.
  • Raising and receiving donations to be used to facilitate the activities of Longmont Youth Center.

One of FLYC's current goals is to raise enough money to add a built-in barbecue for the Youth Center.

About LYC

The Longmont Youth Center, at 1050 Lashley Street, is a fun meeting place for youth. The Center is operated by the City of Longmont's Youth Services Division, and hosts many activities for area youth. It offers counseling services, a lending library, coordination of the community asset initiative, and a variety of recreational opportunities. Longmont Youth Center's programs and services include:

 Abriendo Puertas
Involves teens in a Latino leadership group that emphasizes teamwork, communication, and cultural awareness.
 A.R.T.S. (Arts Reaching Teen's Spirits)
Offers a creative outlet for teens to explore youth issues through different forms of art.
 Assets for Youth
Collaborates with community members to strengthen the 40 building blocks for successful youth.
 Counseling Services
Offers free individual and family group counseling for St. Vrain youth.
 Lending Library
Provides leisure reading material to youth.
 Longmont Youth Council
Allows youth to advise City Council on policy recommendations and fun activities.
 Neutral Zone
Gives youth a great place to hang out at LYC after school and during the summer.
 Outdoor Club
Empowers teens by offering adventurous and challenging outdoor recreational activities.
 "The Place"
Gives Longs Peak Middle School students a cool place to go after school.
 Warrior Boys Group
Offers small group classes for young men, such as drumming, martial arts, and juggling.
 YAR (St. Vrain Youth as Resources)
Creates and funds opportunities for teens to volunteer in the community by organizing service projects.

Details on LYC programs are available online.


Official Facts

FLYC is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization incorporated under Colorado state statutes. A list of its officers and bylawsare available online. Meeting minutes (password needed) are posted online for board members.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q - The City budgets for LYC--why do we need FLYC, too?
- City funds for LYC are limited, and subject to being cut in tight economic times. Even if people want to give money directly to LYC, the City's charter prohibits the Youth Services Division from taking donations above a certain amount, especially from private citizens and businesses. Donations to FLYC will help ensure budgeted LYC programs and activities continue to operate. Donations also provide the money for special initiatives, such as a built-in barbecue area for LYC.

Q - Are my donations tax-deductible? How about my membership dues?
- You should always consult a tax adviser on tax matters, but since FLYC is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization, both donations and membership fees are eligible for a tax-deduction. When you join or donate, FLYC will give you a letter acknowledging your donation as proof of your contribution.

Q - What's the difference between being a donor and being a member?
- A donor makes a gift of money or goods, often on a one-time basis. Donors can designate that their gift is to go to a specific LYC program or purpose. After the donation, no ongoing relationship with FLYC is assumed, even though many donors choose to donate again.

A donor may choose to become a member, which involves a higher level of commitment to FLYC (although not necessarily a higher financial donation). Members often contribute their personal time and talents for LYC-related activities. Members pay annual dues, which are used to fund LYC programs. Members are also invited to the annual Members Meeting with the FLYC board. By virtue of their membership dues, all members are considered to be donors at the Silver level.

Both donors and members are invited to special LYC events and exhibits, and receive recognition of their contributions on this FLYC website.

Q - How much of my money goes directly to LYC, and how much to FLYC's overhead?
- FLYC has no paid staff; all work is done by volunteers. Administrative costs for FLYC are minimal and include annual fees for its telephone message service and post office box. Recent expenditures for printing costs were made by a cash grant from a donor, specifically earmarked for this purpose. Over 90% of membership dues and all other donations are used directly to facilitate LYC's activities and programs.

Q - I don't have much money. How else can I help?
- FLYC also welcomes donations of your time and items that can be used for LYC activities. Read our current wish list for more information.

If you have another question, let us know.


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