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Last Modified On: Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The N scale Special Interest Group provides a setting for N scale modelers to get together and discuss aspects of modeling unique to their chosen scale. However, because many of the topics transcend N scale (such as scenery techniques), modelers of other scales are welcome to attend. We have been conducting most of the SIG business by E-mail, so if you are interested in being on the mailing list, please let Kent know or call 303 456 5418.

Important Note: We now meet on the Saturday afternoon. This is to allow BMRC members who have not chosen a scale, or like both, to attend both of the SIG meetings (N and HO).

FoamRail The cornerstone of the SIG is the N scale modules, called FoamRail. These are light weight modules, built from extruded foam, as is used in insulation for building construction. They merge several novel ideas:

  • light weight construction for easy transporting
  • an up-and-back track plan so modules can be any length
  • table top support for quick setup and takedown
  • no clamp joining
  • low expense

These modules were featured in the June, 1995 issue of Model Railroading Magazine (pp 28-33). One end loop can be seen by selecting the following links:

The module specifications are now on the Internet.

Our newest Type 2 Module Design

Other Links:

Activities: The N-SIG registers for various shows greater Denver area. In preparation, we work on member owned modules during meetings and do other model railroad related activities.

We are building a switching module, the N-SIG Local, based on the Oak Hill Local. This will provide some hands on experience in model railroading as well as result in something we can operate. We have all the track down (and wired) except for the spurs on the north side. The track has ballast and some ground foam has been spread, bringing the module to life. We are also assembling structures.

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