City of Boulder Water Quality Monitoring
Boulder Creek Watershed
North Boulder Creek - Boulder Creek
Longitudinal pH Profiles for April, 1998

Preliminary Data - subject to revision

Marker Indicates no data available
Marker Indicates data exceeds plot scale.

Information on pH:

pH measures hydrogen concentration in water. pH is presented on a scale from 0 to 14. A solution with a pH value of 7 is neutral; a solution with a pH value less than 7 is acidic; a solution with a pH value greater than 7 is basic. Natural waters usually have a pH between 6 and 9. The scale is negatively logarithmic, so each whole number (reading downward) is ten times the preceding one (for example, pH 5.5 is 100 times as acidic as pH 7.5). The pH of natural waters can be made acidic or basic by human activities. For example, coal-burning power plants and heavy automobile traffic can produce nitrous oxides and sulfur dioxide, making the rain and snow highly acidic.

More general information about pH
Measurement of pH
Factors affecting pH
Standards regarding pH
Interpretation of Boulder Creek pH data
Data Source: City of Boulder Water Quality Monitoring
Point of Contact: Chris Rudkin
Collection and Analysis notes
Analysis method: YSI 600XL probe

Indicated monitoring site:

The above map indicates water quality monitoring sites. To view data at a specific site select it from the map with the mouse.

Plot Label SiteName pH
stnd units
NBC-Lw North Boulder Creek diversion to Lakewood 7.49
NBC-FALLS North Boulder Creek at Boulder Falls 7.06
BC-ORO Boulder Creek at Orodell 7.38
BC-CAN Boulder Creek at Eben G. Fine Park 7.35
BC-61 Boulder Creek at 61st St. 8.13
BC-aWWTP Boulder Creek above WW Plant 8.02
BC-75 Boulder Creek at 75th St 7.47
BC-aDC Boulder Creek above Dry Creek 7.85
BC-95 Boulder Creek at 95th St 7.89
BC-107 Boulder Creek at 107th St 8.33
BC-aCC Boulder Creek Above Coal Creek No Data
BC-bCC Boulder Creek Below Coal Creek 8.35
*value below detection limit:
Detection Limit (if available) NA

Preliminary Data - subject to revision

Select on the parameter name to view more detailed information for that parameter in this month. Select on the site name to view data time series observed at that station. For monitoring site locations see site location map.

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