City of Boulder Storm Water Quality Program
Boulder Creek Watershed
Total Alkalinity Time Series for 1999
Boulder Creek at Eben G. Fine Park

Preliminary Data - subject to revision

Marker Indicates no data available
Marker Indicates data exceeds plot scale.

Information on Total Alkalinity:

Alkalinity refers to how well a water body can neutralize acids. Alkalinity measures the amount of alkaline compounds in water, such as carbonates (CO3 2-), bicarbonates (HCO3 -), and hydroxides (OH-). These compounds are natural buffers that can remove excess hydrogen ions that have been added from sources such as acid rain or acid mine drainage. Alkalinity mitigates or relieves metals toxicity by using available HCO3 - and CO3 2- to take metals out of solution, thus making it unavailable to fish. Alkalinity is affected by the geology of the watershed; watersheds containing limestone will have a higher alkalinity than watersheds where granite is predominant. The Boulder Creek Watershed is composed primarily of granite rocks, thus the water has a lower alkalinity content.

More general information about Total Alkalinity
Measurement of Total Alkalinity
Factors affecting Total Alkalinity
Standards regarding Total Alkalinity
Interpretation of Boulder Creek Total Alkalinity data
Data Source: City of Boulder Water Quality Monitoring
Point of Contact: Chris Rudkin
Collection and Analysis notes
Analysis method: SM 2320B

Monitoring site information:
BC-CAN Photo
  • Location: Boulder Creek at Eben G. Fine Park
  • Name: BC-CAN
  • Type: Composite
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Longitude: 105 ° W 17'
  • Latitude: 40 ° N 80'
  • Elevation: 5410 feet asl
  • Site photo
Downstream Site: Boulder Creek at 61st St.
Upstream Site: Boulder Creek at Orodell

Plot Label Date Alk
mg/L as CaCO3
01 January, 1999 45.1
02 February, 1999 40.5
03 March, 1999 47.0
04 April, 1999 33.5
05 May, 1999 40.3
06 June, 1999 13.4
07 July, 1999 12.3
08 August, 1999 25.6
09 September, 1999 30.3
10 October, 1999 27.7
11 November, 1999 45.4
12 December, 1999 45.8
*value below detection limit:
Detection Limit (if available) 1.0

Preliminary Data - subject to revision

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