City of Boulder Drinking Water Quality Program
Boulder Creek Watershed
Specific Conductance Time Series for 1999
North Boulder Creek diversion to Lakewood

Preliminary Data - subject to revision

Marker Indicates no data available
Marker Indicates data exceeds plot scale.

Information on Specific Conductance:

Specific Conductance is a measure of how well water can pass an electrical current. It is an indirect measure of the presence of inorganic dissolved solids, such as chloride, nitrate, sulfate, phosphate, sodium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. These substances conduct electricity because they are negatively or positively charged when dissolved in water. The concentration of dissolved solids, or the conductivity, is affected by the bedrock and soil in the watershed. It is also affected by human influences. For example, agricultural runoff can raise conductivity because of the presence of phosphate and nitrate.

More general information about Specific Conductance
Measurement of Specific Conductance
Factors affecting Specific Conductance
Standards regarding Specific Conductance
Interpretation of Boulder Creek Specific Conductance data
Data Source: City of Boulder Water Quality Monitoring
Point of Contact: Chris Rudkin
Collection and Analysis notes
Analysis method: YSI 600XL probe

Monitoring site information:
NBC-Lw Map
NBC-Lw Photo
  • Location: North Boulder Creek diversion to Lakewood
  • Name: NBC-Lw
  • Type: Composite
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Longitude: 105 ° W 30'
  • Latitude: 39 ° N 59'
  • Elevation: 8240 feet asl
  • Site photo
Downstream Site: North Boulder Creek at Boulder Falls

Plot Label Date SC
µ mhos/cm
01 January, 1999 49
02 February, 1999 50
03 March, 1999 50
04 April, 1999 34
05 May, 1999 48
06 June, 1999 30
07 July, 1999 22
08 August, 1999 25
09 September, 1999 31
10 October, 1999 36
11 November, 1999 38
12 December, 1999 39
*value below detection limit:
Detection Limit (if available) 1.0

Preliminary Data - subject to revision

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