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WQI at Middle Boulder Creek above town of Eldora for June, 2000

Grade A For June, 2000, the WQI rating at Middle Boulder Creek above town of Eldora (MBC-ELDORA) was Excellent (A) due to a WQI value of 95.3. The chart below details the WQI calulations at this site. See the detailed explanation of the WQI method for more information.

6-parameter Test result unit Q-value weight factor total
MBC-Eldora 6/2000          
DO 105.4 % sat 98 0.17 16.66
Fecal Coliform 2 #/100 mL 90 0.16 14.4
pH 7.47 std units 94 0.11 10.34
Total Phosphate 0.03 mg/L PO4-P 98 0.10 9.8
Nitrates 0.63 mg/L NO3 97 0.10 9.7
Turbidity 0.555 NTU 96 0.08 7.68
totals (factors, total)       0.72 68.58
adjusted WQI         95.3

The WQI is computed by converting measured Water Quality Parameters to "Q-Values" using charts developed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) water quality scientists. The Q-Values are then multiplied by a weighting factor based on the importance of that water quality parameter.

WQI at Downstream Station: Middle Boulder Creek at PSCo Weir

WQI at for October, 2000 at this station

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