Dear Basin organization,

We are Communication Club "Garmonia " (Harmony) from Dushanbe. We are non-governmental organization. We read the brochure called "Time to Act" and it was interesting to us. Regarding environment protection, we have many fruitful ideas in the field of ecology. Now we are work on creation of the new ecological organization in our club, which will be a sector for protection of the environment. You write that you are looking for ecological organizations in Dushanbe and we would like to establish partner relations with you. At present time we are working on the new ecological project:

a) To give lectures to children of elementary schools telling that ecology is a basis of future life.

b) To organize a competition for the best drawing - how children see our future, how they see ecological catastrophe, how the world looked like in the very beginning. We would like to give children the opportunity to show on the paper everything they see and have in their imagination.

c) To take the kids outside to the nature and give possibility to feel the beauty of our world.

d) To teach about biological composition of the plants and what will happen to vegetation in the case of ecological catastrophe.

These are some aspects of our project, which we plan to realize. But this is only the small part, there is an active work being done on the project.

Also, our club has more ideas and plans but this will be done in near future, as we can't realize them due to lack of finances.

Dear Basin, if our organization is interesting to you, we will be glad to cooperate. Now we are working on the ecological sector. If you are interested in the program of our club "Garmonia", we have web site:

With respect,
Information Officer,
Ivan Pereverov

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