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Boulder Creek Flood, May 30 - June 1, 1894

BOULDER CREEK FLOOD, May 30 - June 1, 1894

At the end of May, 1894, a major storm event in the foothills added to the runoff of snow melt in Boulder Creek. Bridges and train tracks were washed away, and the street which is now Canyon Blvd. earned its name as "Water Street". Some experts have suggested that the flooding was more severe than it could have been due to deforestation in Four Mile Canyon. Had there been more trees in the canyon, some of the runoff would have been slowed or captured by the vegetation.

Image/Location Date Photographer Source/Copyright
Bridge at 4th Street June 1, 1894 Meils & Sturtevant DPL
Near 6th Street. 1894 Meils & Sturtevant DPL
Near 7th Street looking east 1894 Bass DPL
Locomotive near 10th St. 1894 Meils & Sturtevant DPL
Near Water Street (aftermath) 1894 Unknown DPL
Train Deport @ 14th & Water St.(now Canyon Blvd.) 1894 Unknown DPL
Flood with Green Mtn in background 1894 Unknown DPL
Flood Near 17th Street 1894 Bass DPL
Flood Near 18th Street 1894 Bass DPL

Flood Near 19th Street


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