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All the Water in the World Worksheet

All the Water in the World

1. Start with 1 liter of water. One liter is 1,000 milliliters (ml). Imagine that this is all of the water on earth.


2. Measure the following amounts of water. Pour out the oceans water into a large container. Pour the other amounts into smaller containers and label them.

  • Oceans 972 ml
  • Icecaps and Glaciers 20 ml
  • Groundwater 6 ml
  • Freshwater Lakes 1 ml
  • Inland seas and salt lakes 1ml
  • Atmosphere 0.1 ml (1/10 ml)
  • All rivers 0.01 ml (1/100 ml)



3. How much water is fresh water?



4. Can people really use all of this fresh water? Why? Why not?

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