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Check out these links to water information on the city of Boulder's website:

Is My Water Safe to Drink?

There's water in comets, in ponds and clouds... and even nearer to home, inside our very being. In taking a closer look at water, in our everyday lives, in our neighborhoods and buildings, let's examine the water we drink, that we consume, that flows and flushes through our lives, connecting us directly -- from the inside out-- to Life.

The EPA has mandated that all drinking water providers give their customers an overview of their drinking water's sources and treatment. The city of Boulder took the requirement as an opportunity to inform us all about what's involved with treating and delivering drinking water to our taps.

Following are direct links to the City of Boulder's Drinking Water Quality Study, also known as the Consumer Confidence Report).

Fact Sheets: The city of Boulder has some excellent fact sheets on drinking water quality issues. Here are direct links to these fact sheets

Boulder's Water Supply & Water Resources


Water & Wastewater Treatment Operations

Water Quality & Environmental Services

Water Conservation

Water Resources Advisory Board (WRAB)

Utility Projects

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