Air Quality
Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRs)
Air Pollution Control Division, Colorado
Department of Public Health and Environment

Extirpated and Declining Species
Rare and Imperiled Animals, Plants and Plant Communities, Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Animal Species of Concern in Boulder County (1994)
Avian Species of Concern in Boulder county (1993)
Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department: Boulder County Nature Association.

Watershed Water Quality
Colorado's 1998 303 (d) List and Related Water Quality
Management Lists; Status of Water Quality in Colorado 1996
Water, Quality control Division, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Inventory and Status of South Platte River Native Fishes in Colorado
Aquatic Wildlife Section, Colorado Division of Wildlife, June 199??
Index of Watershed Indicators, <> Environmental Protection Agency

Water Imports from the Western Slope
Northern Colorado Water conservancy District;
Environmental Defense Fund

Land Annexation
Growth Watch, Issue No. 1, Summer 1997, Boulder County Land Use Department

Agricultural Land
1992 Census of Agriculture, US Census Bureau;
assorted research documents, Resource Analysis Section, Colorado Department of Agriculture

Vehicle Miles Traveled
Boulder County Transportation Department;
Business Barometer, Boulder Chamber of Commerce
(motor vehicle registrations).

Eco-Cycle: Boulder Energy Conservation Center.