Quality of Life in Boulder County
A Community Indicators Report

Table of Contents
What Are Community Indicators?
How Did We Get Here?
How To Use This Report

Boulder County at a Glance

A Vision for the Environment
Air, Land, Water
Air Quality
Extirpated and Declining Species
Watershed Water Quality
Water Imports from the Western Slope
Land Annexation
Agricultural Land
Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)

Sources of Data

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The Boulder Health Community Initiative strives to promote healthy decision-making that will sustain the environmental quality, livability. and economic vibrance if the Boulder County region.

The BCHCI was launched in 1995 to provide a long-term community-based planning tool for Boulder County residents. Over 400 people participated in a year-long planning process that produced a vision of a healthy future and a strategic pan. Since 1996, the BCHCI has translated the citizens' plan into action by:

  • encouraging neighbors to organize and solve problems close to home
  • creating an open forum for civil dialogue about issues affecting long-term community health
  • developing a county-wide community indicators project

NOTE: Only the Environmental Indicators of the Report are offered here online. For copies of the entire Indicators Report, contact Bruce Swinehart via email or at (303) 415-1388