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How To Subscribe

The newsletter is available in two formats. The HTML version includes graphics and web mark-up to liven up the information. It may be viewed with most POP mail software (such as Netscape Messenger, Eudora, or Outlook Express), web-based mail (like Hotmail or Yahoo mail), or other email software which can display HTML.
Submit your email address here for the HTML version of the newsletter.

A text-only version is also available for those with older mail software or those who'd rather just get text without the overhead of multimedia email.

Submit your email address here for the text-only version of the newsletter.

You may also sign up to get an email reminder each time a new newsletter is available.

Painless Unsubscribe

Unwanted email can be a nuisance; we do not want to contribute any further frustration, so we are making cancelation as painless as possible. Each copy of the newsletter will include a hyperlink which you can follow (or copy-n-paste into a web browser) to cancel your BASIN subscription. The hyperlink is customized for each recipient, so you don't need to remember keywords or keep track of which email address you subscribed with.

No Unwanted EMail

BASIN does not share its mailing lists with anyone.


Please contact vbbehren at if you have problems subscribing or canceling your subscription to the BASIN newsletter.

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