Heatherwood Homeowners Association

Welcome to the Heatherwood HOA website. This website will be used to provide the residents of Heatherwood with useful information about our neighborhood.

Here are some of the documents that pertain to all of Heatherwood.

State of Colorado Articles of Incorporation

Bylaws and Regulations


Heatherwood is divided into seven differnent areas, called Filings. Each Filing has its own set of Covenants. Although the Covenants for the seven Filings are very similar, some differences exist. In addition, Filing 1 has two sets of Covenants - one for the entire Filing, and one for the common area ( Park ). To determine which Filing you live, see the Filings map.

Covenants for Filing 1 Common Area

Covenants for Filing 1

Covenants for Filing 2

Covenants for Filing 3

Covenants for Filing 4

Covenants for Filing 5

Covenants for Filing 6

Covenants for Filing 7


Here are the minutes from recent HOA meetings.

March 1st, 2000

May 15th, 2000

July 6th, 2000

September 18th, 2000

March 6, 2001

May 22, 2001


The Heatherwood HOA has people donating their time and energy on behalf of our community. Here is a list of some of these people.

Officers and Personnel

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