Virtual Chautauqua Administration and Research Resources

I like art because it takes me to far away places.
Detwan Irving, grade 2

Virtual Chautauqua is an outreach grant project of the University of Colorado at Boulder School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The project was seeded between 1998 and 2000 by a $375,000 grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration Technology Opportunities Program (TOP) and matching in-kind funds from partnering organizations.

The resources below pertain to the 1998-2000 TOP funded activities of the project. Other research and grant resources are linked to the Virtual Chautauqua home page.

Virtual Chautauqua Partners

Virtual Chautauqua Grant Proposal Information

Research Team

Ongoing Project Information for Partners

Press Materials

For more information about the Virtual Chautauqua project, contact principal investigators Mary Virnoche or Bruce Henderson