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Electromagnetic Sensitivity Resources

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  • Dial-In Internet Access
  • Search Engines

    Dial-Up Internet Access

    Dial-up internet access is becoming a problem for people who prefer it or need it because of health concerns. The Internet Service Provider for a RMEHA member has gone from a good 45k to as slow as 4,000 baud service. One must go through a long double log in sequence to get system access. And then many basic Unix commands, such as pico, vi, mutt, are no longer useable.

    It turns out Wikopedia has a page on dial-up internet access. But it omits any mention that there may be any health reasons for people to prefer using it.

    The page is at -

    So the following text was inserted -

    "Dial-up Internet access is needed by people with health concerns, such as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), who cannot tolerate the electromagnetic radiation from common access techniques, such as broadband or Wi-Fi."

    This text referenced the paper from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) that was delivered at the Summer 2012 Bau-Biologie conference -

    This insert was subsequently deleted by a Wikopedia editor because "the referenced paper does not mention broadband." Apparently the Wikopedia editor did not understand that broadband uses electromagnetic radiation.

    Then the added following text, "sometimes called EMF frequencies," which is the wording actually used in the AAEM paper, was added to the insert. Again, the entire insert was deleted by a Wikopedia editor with the following explanation -

    "removed sentence where reference did not mention broadband or dialup, and from organisation of questionable legitimacy"

    Reviewing the Wikopedia page for AAEM, that page makes a big point twice that the AAEM "is a questionable organization, and its certifying board ... is a dubious certifying board." And references Stephen Barrrett's Quackwatch web site for the authority. Quackwatch has been a long standing critic - with no basis or justification - with its claim that "Alternative Medicine is Medical Fraud."

    In other words, a public mention that dial-up internet access is a desirable commercial accomodation for people with the ADA supported health condition of EHS was censored from the Wikopedia internet encyclopedia because Quackwatch has declared the AAEM to be of "questionable legitimacy."

    AAEM's Wikopedia page is at -

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    Search Engines

    Here are links to several search engines in case you wish to do more research from this page -

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