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MCS Resources

This page contains links to a wide variety of MCS/EI support information, Public Health, Governmental Resources, Toxics Information and Healthy Housing Resources -

MCS Support Resources on This Page
American Academy of Environmental Medicine American Environmental Health Foundation Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN) Chemically Sensitive Vacation Co-op
Colorado HealthSite, MCS Resources Email Discussion Groups That Support MCS Guide to Hospital Care for People with MCS Human Ecology Action League (HEAL)
Information about MCS in Arizona Karen's Naturals safe personal care products Links to MCS/EI Related Web Sites Smokefree Dining and Housing
Planet Thrive
Travel Resources
Miscellaneous Areas of Interest
Arts and Crafts Resources Products Philanthropical Grants Precautionary Principle
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MCS Support Resources

American Environmental Health Foundation

American Environmental Health Foundation; http://www.ehcd.com/
The American Environmental Health Foundation in Dallas, Texas was founded by Dr. Rea, who has written a 4-volume set of books, Chemical Sensitivity, Principles and Mechanisms.

HEAL (Human Ecology Action League)

Human Ecology Action League (HEAL); http://www.healnatl.org/
Check out the HEAL site for more information on EI and the activities of HEAL on a national level. Also, see a helpful index of articles from HEAL's newsletter, The Human Ecologist. An on-line Supplement to The Human Ecologist is available at the site as well.

A previous website for HEAL is -

Human Ecology Action League (HEAL), http://members.aol.com/HEALNatnl/index.html

Colorado HealthSite

Colorado HealthSite; http://www.coloradohealthsite.org/mcs/mcs_main.html
Colorado Health Site, MCS Resources.

Chemical Injury Information Network

Chemical Injury Information Network; http://www.ciin.org
The Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN) is a group that supports the MCS community with a detailed 30 page newsletter every month. CIIN is also an extensive resource for information about many aspects of this illness, which range from medical papers discussing MCS, Neurotoxicity, Neurogenic Inflamation, Immunotoxicity, Pesticides, Silicone Implants, Gulf War Syndrome and much more.

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

American Academy of Environmental Medicine; http://www.aaem.com/
The AAEM is an association for Health Practitioners and members of the general public interested in Environmental Medicine. Their site features concise definitions of EI terms plus information on AAEM educational offerings and publications.

Information about MCS

Arizona Technology Access Program

Information about MCS
A good summary of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) that was developed by the Arizona Technology Access Program to increase awareness and understanding is available at the this web site.

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Guide to Hospital Care for People with MCS

The following link discusses considerations in providing hospital care for people with MCS/EI -

Smokefree Housing and Dining

GASP of Colorado; http://www.gaspforair.org/
An excellent resource for finding smokefree housing, such as motels and bed and breakfasts, plus smokefree dining in the Colorado area are GASP's (Group to Aleviate Smoking Pollution) databases. Select the Smokefree Housing or Smokefree Dining options. Plus you can probably rely on the owners or proprietors to be open minded and honest if you have to avoid materials other than tobacco smoke.

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Chemically Sensitive Vacation Co-op

Enjoy a healthy vacation at the Chemically Sensitive Vacation Co-op in Arkansas.

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Links to MCS/EI Related Web Sites

This section lists links to a variety of MCS/EI related web sites.

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There are many Email discussion groups on the Internet that support MCS. The following is list to date. Select a name from this list to go to a detailed discussion of the group and how to access it. (Please be patient if bad links; This section is under development.)

Yahoo has an email discussion group devoted to MCS/EI housing called MCS Village. Send an email to -

And respond to the email query that you receive.

Or information and archives for the group are at -

The Washington State MCS Network has an email discussion group. Send an email to -

Put the following in the Subject Line -

Leave the text blank.

MCS-Canada is a very active group in Canada and duscusses a wide variety of topics.

SHARE-FAQ covers a wide range of issues including health, home, lifestyle, treatments, self-help, support, resources.


To subscribe to CHEMICAL-ILLNET, click on the "Join or leave the list" hyperlink at

To subscribe via e-mail send the following message to:

To: listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu
Subject: Join
Message: Subscribe chemical-illnet firstname last initial

Searchable Archives are accessible for list members at


Approximately 420 members, Restricted membership, unmoderated, Information is exchanged here by people who want to move forward. MCS- CI-Hope is designed to help understand, cope and adapt to CI, MCS, TILT and EI, as personal health concerns.

To subscribe, send an email to


Here is the URL for the Hope2 list:

Green Canary

This list is dedicated to a life free from toxic chemicals, and the health problems that they can cause.  People who suffer from Environmental Illness (such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, or MCS). Unmoderated, public archives.

To subscribe, send an email to


For more information, send an email to



This group is to serve chemically injured, environmentally ill, multiple chemical sensitivity, and related illness such as chronic fatigue, candidiasis, hypoglycemia, lupus, and others. Anything may be discussed or shared that is pertinent to our mutual health concerns, but the underlying theme is we believe we can get well, and detoxifying is one mode.

To subscribe,send an email to -



This is a forum for sharing what has worked for you or people you know in healing from MCS-CI, and for asking for ideas on how to heal. All healing modalities may be shared and all MCS/CI-related symptoms may be discussed.

To subscribe, send an email to -



This is an unmoderated list that does have archives for members only. To subscribe send ab enail to -

ci-mcs-subscribe@yahoogroups.com url to

MCS-Heightened Senses Network

MCS-Heightened Senses Network is an online support group in a message board format for those suffering from MCS and other chemically related illnesses. All subject topics (including politically based) relating to MCS are discussed.

Chemical Injury Registry (formerly Chemical Injury Database)

This is a database whose sole purpose is to register those willing to be part of write in campaigns for issues specifically related to chemical injury. According to the list owner, "The way I envision it to work is that if there is an issue (an article, etc.) you have come across and want to start a write in campaign for, post the information (article link and contact info to the person we are to write to) and everyone in the database will receive the info and write in to that particular paper, etc. This is the ONLY function of the database.

MCS Advice

This is an unmoderatedlist that has archives for members only. This group is for those who are just beginning to deal with their Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Mentorships and advice from those who have been there and gotten better will be available. Political discussions are not allowed. Since many are restricted on computer time, this must remain a low volume list.

To Subscribe, send an email to -



This is an unmoderated list that keeps archives for members. For Christians with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) or EI (environmental illness) and related illnesses (like cfs, fm, etc). MCS is a condition that often is part of cfs, fm and other chronic illnesses.

To Subscribe, send an email to -



This is a restricted, unmoderated membership with, archives for members only. This group is for those who have Environmental Illness which is also called MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). To subscribe, send an email to -


Invisble Illness

This list serves as a forum for persons needing assistance with claims for disability programs who are suffering from chronic invisible illnesses such as FMS, MPS, CFS, MCS, GWS, NMH and CFIDS. The list members are persons with a need for help and support for the overwhelming process of applying for disability and those who have succeed and serve as mentor.

To subscribe, send an email to -



Unmoderated, archives for members only Has your life been turned upside down by your health? You can come here to talk about the ups & downs of life with chronic illness. We will understand, since everyone here is going through the same things. This list is open to anyone sick or not; who is trying to understand the effects of illness on a person, a family, the community, etc. Subscribe:


URL to this page:


Restricted membership, unmoderated, archives for members only WSMCSN is a decentralized network of groups and individuals in Washington State who share information about the issues of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Send your questions to the moderator at wsmcsn-owner@yahoogroups.com To subscribe, send a message to -



Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

35 members; founded June, 2000 Open membership, unmoderated, public archives A place to chat about MCS/FMS/CFIDS/IDS/IBS. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Immune Dysfunction can all manifest themselves after chemical exposures. So if you are one who has an invisible illness, or you are the family member or friend of a person with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, then join us and lets support one another in our fight to find a cure for these invisible illnesses.



Multi Chemical SensitivitiesEI -

Support Club: MCS/FMS/CFS/Allergies/IDS 30 Members, founded Jun 13, 2000, Open membership, unmoderated, public archives Do you suffer sickness from being around perfumes, fabrics, cleaning products, formaldehyde? just to name a few! If you are a person who suffers with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, this is a place for you to share. We understand your frustrations and limitations. MCS/FMS/CFS,ME/IBS can all manifest themselves after chemical exposures. For more information:




This is a discussion for those who have both MCS and NRLA

eisc (Environmental Illness Society of Canada)

Founded January 23, 2001 Unmoderated, archives for members only The Environmental Illness Society of Canada is a charitable organization providing educational and advocacy programs for those effected by environmental illnesses. These illnesses include, but are not limited to, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity. Subscribe:



Archives for members only This is an information list for people who are interested in Environmental Health Care in B.C. for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Environmental Illness, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and Fibromyalgia, as well as other illnesses, which might be similar --e.g. Post Polio Syndrome, Lupus, MS, Parkinson's, etc. You do not have to be ill, in order to get the messages.

Share information about health care, treatments, foods, shopping, discounts, benefits, advocacy, government changes, healthy housing, environmental health products, work opportunities (NOT "get rich quick" schemes), disability equipment, and health support groups in the province of B.C. To subscribe to the MCS-BC information list: Send empty email to:

If you are interested in being in a private support group via e-mail, please write to

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Travel Resources

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Miscellaneous Links of Interest

Arts and Crafts Resources

Arts and Materiels Institute (ACMI);http://www.acminet.org/
Materials used in many arts and crafts are not healthy for most people to be around. And this is a much more serious problem for people with sensitivities. The above site gives hazard information for many arts materials.

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Products Resources

This section lists a variety of on-line shopping resources that may have products appropriate for people with sensitivities and allergies.

Please keep in mind that a company listed on this web site is not an endorsement by RMEHA. Rather it is a possibility for obtaining items or materials specific to your needs.

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Philanthropical Grants

Here are links to some internationally recognized funding organizations that may have resources of interest.

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Precautionary Principle; Protecting Human Health

A presentation will be given Friday March 10, 2004, on "The Precautionary Principle; Protecting Human Health and the Environment" by Carolyn Raffensperger, MA, JD, founding director of the Science and Environmental Health Network.

Presented by -

When -
Wednesday March 10, 2004
Time -
5:30 - 7:30 PM
Place -
Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center
1520 Euclid Avenue
Boulder, Colorado
Tel: 303/444-6981
Web - Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center; http://www.rmpjc.org/
RSVP's by March 5th would be very much appreciated.

The text of this proposal is at Precautionary Principle

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PKaren's Naturals

Karen's Naturals offers a wide selection of safe for EI's personal care products.

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PPlanet Thrive

Healing ourselves and the earth: visit PlanetThrive.com today to connect with others around the world inspired to live healthier, more conscious lives. This grassroots community for personal wellness offers special FREE resources for the MCS / EI community including classifieds listings for housing, cars/trailers, rideshares, unused health products, healthier towns, jobs, emergency overnight housing and more.

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Search Engines

Here are several search engines in case you wish to do more research from this page -

Follow the links below to learn more about RMEHA and Environmental Illness.

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