Drought, Fire & Flood
It's All Connected!

Near the mining town of Apex around the turn of the Century after a major fire. Photo is copyright and used by permission of Denver Public Library.

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Drought - Fire - Flood - It's All Connected

How do drought, fire and flood impact one another?

What can individuals do to plan/prepare for these events?

How should we educate others in the community about these dangers?

How should local agencies manage and/or prepare for these events?

How are local agencies cooperating relative to these issues?

Oct. 27-30 will be a discussion on how drought, fire and flood are connected in the Boulder area. Be sure to join the discussion and give us your opinions and insights.

Check out Water Quality Concerns After the Walker Ranch Fire by city of Boulder's Donna Scott

Essays on Sustainability by Local Professors Al Bartlett and Pete Palmer.

Beyond BASIN
Transcript of seminar on "How Much Growth Can the Front Range Take?" from the University of Colorado's Center for Environmental Journalism conducted in October, 1994.

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