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Flood of 1955

1955, August 5

This flood in North Boulder is well documented with photos in the Carnegie collection.

"North Boulder and areas north of the city were flooded by a cloudburst which broke over the area Friday afternoon. Streams and irrigation ditches in the area were unable to handle the heavy flow of rainwater which washed down streets, across lawns and into many basements in a wide area. The downtown area was also soaked by a brief heavy rain but comparatively light showers were reported from University Hill areas. The official Weather Bureau rain gauge in downtown Boulder measured a total of .41 inches for all rains Friday, including a second storm, lighter, during the night. Immediately following the heavy rainfall Friday afternoon, however, the gauge showed .35 inches.

"Much more rain fell in the North Boulder area. E. C. Collart of 3826 Broadway near the Boulder County General Hospital reported that his homemade rain gauge overflowed during the storm. The capacity of that gauge is three inches. Water from the rain poured down Two-Mile canon in north Boulder, Four-Mile creek further north and James creek through Jamestown and Left-Hand creek into which James Creek flows. Flooding in the Jamestown area was reported in Friday's Daily Camera.

"The entire North Boulder area was drenched by the rain. Lakes formed in North Boulder Park, around the dike built to protect the Community Hospital from flooding, and in other low-lying spots all over the area. "Rivers" of rain flowed down and across streets all over the area, badly washing dirt roads and streets. The rivers were not confined to streets. Many flowed across lawns and gardens and some into basements. Property in the Two-Mile canon area suffered possibly the greatest damage in the immediate Boulder area. Water coming down this canon near the Maxwell reservoir continued to flow long after the storm. Starting near 4th and Kalmia, it flooded all streets extending to Broadway and continued to flood properties across Broadway. Much of the water drained into a channel which flows to Broadway and Iris where it flowed out of the channel and across and down Broadway." Daily Camera, August 6, 1955

Check out Two Mile Creek in BASIN Watershed

Compiled by Elizabeth Black

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