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BASIN Kid's Network-- Compiled by Toni Newville

Southeast Michigan Watershed Project Participants
This is a project where various middle schools and high schools are sampling water sites. They put up some QuickTime videos of the sites which are pretty interesting. At the bottom of the page are links to all the sites that are participating. I think any of these schools would work; we could also try to just work with the students who are participating in the project. Here's another related site with more information about the Southeast Michigan Watershed Project

The Vermont Rivers Project
This is an a project that students from Saint Michael's College in Vermont have been orchestrating for many years. Most of the stuff they are doing is very scientific, and it is a college, so this site might not be good for younger kids to work with but it does seem to be a very good project.

Minnesota New Country School
This is a school for grades 7-12 that is doing something called the "Frog Project" - analyzing how pollutants in local watersheds are causing deformities in amphibians. The project has gotten a lot of recognition and they said they are happy to work with other schools on water issues.

Other Sites

Water Science for Schools Basically a site that gives lots and lots of information on water and the environment. A very good reference site for kids.

The Children's Water Institute
This is a Canadian site that hosts Water Festivals for kids across Canada to educate them about water.

Water on the Web:
This is a really good site, but it wouldn't work for younger kids. It has access to a lot of data from around the world, but its mostly geared toward high school and college students. It is a very well done site though, and has lots of information on data readings, mathematical calculations, etc.


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