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Sojourner School & BASIN team on TV Production

Sojourner News & BASIN TV Present a Special Edition on Boulder Creek Airing on Community Access Television

Students from Sojourner Middle School in Boulder have written and produced a television news program about various aspects of Boulder Creek. The program has aired on Community Television Channel 54. Please contact the BASIN team through our contact form for more information.
Among the topics covered by the program are covers information on drinking water, kayaking, flash flood hazards, the importance of snow runoff, the greenback cutthroat trout, ammonia and macroinvertebrates.
The students, who had been studying the Boulder Creek Watershed throughout the school year, were assisted by members of BASIN, the Boulder Area Sustainability Information Network, and Kim Shannon of Let's Go Live productions in researching, developing and producing the program.
Working in six teams, students interviewed experts, worked the video cameras and equipment, logged the various takes and developed graphics for the program. Mark McCaffrey of the BASIN project, a pilot project funded through the EPA and administered with the city of Boulder, expressed his excitement about the project:
"This is exactly the sort of thing I wanted to do when I was the age of the students, and it is very rewarding to see these young people have the opportunity to share with the community through the medium of television what they've been learning about Boulder Creek.
"All of us involved with the project learned a great deal and we'll be able to improve the production quality even more the next time. These students will be able to build on what they've learned this year and do more in-depth programs next year, and we also hope that other schools will be inspired to do similar programs about their studies of the environment."
The program, which includes a ten minute overview of the making of the news program, will air again in the Fall of this year.


For more information about Sojourner News and BASIN TV, contact Mark McCaffrey at (303)449-3955 or via email.

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